My Camera Equipment

Last Edited: April 2020

My main digital camera is an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III which I purchased in February this year. My older model Mark I which I bought in 2015 has been passed on to the OH.

      • I have a couple of good lenses (M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm 1:1.8 and a M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 60mm 1:2.8 Macro) which are brilliant for capturing a shallow depth of field. The prime lens is great in low light too for instance inside a church.
      • I often use my M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm f:4.0-5.6  Zoom lens at the longest focal length to get in closer which also blurs the background.
      • I even have a M.Zuiko Digital ED 75-300mm 1:4.8-6.7 which I bought to zoom in even closer on the birdlife, but I find that one a bit heavy and also very hard to keep still at the furthest zoom, I know, I need to use a tripod with that lens.
      • I also have a wide angle lens M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 which allows me to take deeper depth of field shots, though I don’t often use this lens it is very flat and enables me to pop the camera into a small bag or pocket if I don’t want to take all the lenses with me.

Occasionally I will use an old (2010) pocket sized compact camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 Camera with LEICA DC VARIO ELMAR  25 – 300mm ultra-wide-angle lens with 12x optical zoom and 12.1 pixels which used to belong to my husband until I accidentally spilled red wine onto it during a boat trip on the River Severn. It dried out OK, but the lens covering has a tendency to not open fully and also the mechanism to swap from shooting mode to preview mode sticks.

I replaced that camera with the newer (2013) Lumix DMC-TZ40 with a 24-480mm focal range, with 20x Leica optical zoom lens and 18.1 pixels which he still uses (and I borrow on the rare occasion).

I now also use my new phone as it has an excellent camera (Honor 20 Pro with a quad camera setup) for when I am not carrying a ‘proper’ camera with me.