The new January Squares challenge, hosted as ever by Becky, the Queen of Squares,  is all about ____light. In this often dull month light of any kind is what we all need to lift our spirits as we wait impatiently for spring to begin. Click on the link to find out more.

Kookaburra Alights on a fence post

Palm Beach (where the Aussie soap Home and Away is filmed) December 2014. When this kookaburra landed practically in front of me as I was walking up to the Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse it seemed as though it was begging me to take its photo.

Kookaburras are terrestrial tree kingfishers of the genus Dacelo native to Australia and New Guinea, which grow to between 28–42 cm in length and weigh around 300 g. The name is a loanword from Wiradjuri guuguubarra, onomatopoeic of its call. Wikipedia

alight (verb) = (of a bird) descend from the air and settle

January Squares | Day Two

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

29 thoughts on “Alight”

  1. oh wow what an incredible moment, and so good of it to stay a while.

    You are our first alights I think, and you have inspired me to look through my birding photos I took this week! Maybe one of them will be good enough for the two days I have yet to schedule anything for.

        1. We’ve had lights on since November! Our house is not very light at the best of times apart from the upstairs room which is flooded with light.

        2. And why I practically live upstairs! It wouldn’t be so bad if you can get outdoors, but the weather hasn’t been great.

        3. I know!! MrB and I have had a right weather moan this afternoon . . .I am just hoping these strong winds will blow award the cloud this weekend

    1. Yes. It would be a whole different story if I’d been there this December. Such devastation of land, wildlife and property not to mention the human cost.

  2. The word worries me a bit. It’s too close to home in the current situation and conjures up blazing forests, but they are a beautiful bird, and I love your Header. Grey here today, unexpectedly. Got a few jobs done. I’m glad it’s brighter upstairs at yours. 🙂 🙂

    1. Well I have used the verb form of the word not the noun. Although yes, that could be another option. Hope you’re not experiencing bush fires? Sounds dreadful in Australia, more lives lost. 😕

  3. Beautiful shot Jude. I’m glad to hear your son and family is safe; is home for them somewhere that’s at risk currently? Though I guess that’s a slightly naive question given how things are going.

    1. They live near the coast in Brisbane Su, so away from any danger, but they have been affected by the smoke which is not so good as the little lad (the one who was a prem baby) suffers from asthma.

      1. Oh no. That is a worry. We’re starting to really see the effects here, and I sometimes think I can smell and taste ash when I’m outside, so I can only imagine what it is like in Aus.

        1. I saw a map from the air showing how the smoke is blowing over the Tasmin Sea and reaching NZ shores. My son may not be free of the smoke after all as he is in Raglan!

        2. It is getting much worse here, but especially in the South Island, so they may be ok in Raglan. I’ve seen pictures of the glaciers covered in ash, which of course accelerates their melting. ☹️

  4. “Alight”, clever! And I just heard a kookaburra somewhere nearby, giving its demonic shrieking laugh. I pity the first white people who heard that bird, they must have thought the spirits of hell had been let loose.

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