We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo

This month Becky’s Squares are focusing on odd things – you can interpret this any way you want so I am going to take you all to the zoo this month. San Diego Zoo to be precise and the photos featured will be either odd looking animals, animals with odd names, odd facts or slightly odd photos. I hope you’ll enjoy my selection.

Day 11

New Guinea singing dogs are different from domestic dog breeds in several ways. Physically, their upper first molar, called a carnassial tooth, is quite large, a trait normally present only in wild canid species such as wolves. Then, their eyes seem to be more reflective of light than domestic dogs’, shining bright green in low light. The singers also appear to have social or play behaviours that are different from that of wolves and dogs. They like to be tidy and neat, and they regularly groom themselves, much like a cat.

When in a group, one singing dog starts singing and then others join in at different pitches, each with its own unique voice. Singers also whine, yelp, bark, and scream (a drawn-out yelp).

If you want to join in either daily, weekly or just on the odd occasion then please visit Becky, the only rule is that the main photo MUST be a square – that is four equal sides! You have been warned 😉

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  1. this reminds me of the serenade we got back in the day when we lived on the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona…when the local coyotes would vocalize 🙂

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