Most Popular Posts of 2019

Last year I wrote a post about the statistics on this blog out of interest to see which posts were the most popular. I decided to do this again this year using the number of views a post has attracted. Still way out in front is the one about the world’s tallest totem pole so I suspect this is down to the search engines!

Alert Bay


  1. Alert Bay V | The World’s Tallest Totem Pole (2013)
  2. Passion Facade Doors (2017)
  3. Lincoln Cathedral – stained glass (2017)
  4. Nativity façade doors (2017)
  5. Road Trip | Cape Town to Hermanus (2013)
  6. The Magic of May (2014)
  7. Call to Place | India (2019)
  8. Geology of Cornwall (2015)
  9. Misericords of St Laurence (2015)
  10. Call to Place | Australia (2018)

Interestingly only one of these posts was written in 2019. So it seems the older posts still attract views. This year I reblogged a lot of my older travel posts that hadn’t had much attention when they were originally posted and I tried out some new methods of travel writing linking up with Cathy over at ~wander.essence~ with more personal tales rather than the typical tourist information. Even some poetry crept in! If you need some ideas to liven up your blog then pop over and see the interesting ‘invitations’ that Cathy has on her site.

I wrote several new posts about Paris which attracted quite a lot of likes and comments and was going to do the same about other cities I have visited in the past like Lisbon, but life was interrupted again in the summer when my son came down for another operation and I was doing daily hospital visits when he was back in for another month due to an infection.

The October Squares photography challenge (hosted by Becky)  proved popular (she has a new challenge starting in January if you would like to join in) and then I ended the year writing about my long ago adventure travelling overland on the so-called Hippie Trail which also attracted a lot of likes and more importantly to me, comments.

What to do in 2020 is a big question. I shall be starting with the January Square photography challenge and I hope to do more travel writing, poetry and actual travelling this year. I am also going to challenge myself (and I invite you to join in if you would like to) by looking at certain photographic techniques this year. See my 2020 Photo Challenge for more information.

In the meantime I thank all my visitors to this site: your likes and especially your comments mean a lot to me and encourage me to continue to post on this blog as well as my Cornish home. I wish you all a happy, healthy and exciting New Year

Jude xx

things you have liked

Last week I wrote a post about the statistics on my new Cornish blog. I say new as it was started in April 2016 when I relocated to Cornwall. This blog on the other hand has been around since 2013. So I decided to see what has been popular on my other blogs and see if there are any similarities.

All Time Viewings ( from February 2013 when this blog was first published)

  1. Road Trip | USA California San Francisco to Carmel
  2. Road Trip | Cape Town to Hermanus
  3. Bench Photo Challenge Page (Rules)
  4. Me and My Travels
  5. Alert Bay V | The World’s Tallest Totem Pole
  6. Walking the Right Bank Passages in Paris
  7. Cape Town Revisited
  8. Passion Facade Doors
  9. Road Trip | USA California The Big Sur
  10. Geology of Cornwall
Beach Huts
Beach Huts, Muizenberg, False Bay

And during the last year (2018)

  1. Road Trip | Cape Town to Hermanus
  2. Alert Bay V | The World’s Tallest Totem Pole
  3. Passion Facade Doors
  4. Road Trip | USA California San Francisco to Carmel
  5. Nativity Facade Doors
  6. The Call to Place
  7. Me and My Travels
  8. Earth Day 2018 | Drowning in Plastic
  9. Darkness and Light
  10. Sweet Treats

Conclusions? My very first post was published in February 2013 and got only one visit at the time. My most recent posts get around 30 likes so things have improved. Of course likes do not necessarily reflect that a person has actually visited and read the post as they can click on like in the Reader without viewing. I judge the popularity of a post by the comments it attracts and to be honest I find this the most enjoyable aspect of blogging. Not that I don’t enjoy writing the posts, I do, but the process is made much more interactive through the people who take the time to not only read or view, but also to make a comment. Often building up a conversation between us all. Over time an online relationship can develop. My blogs tend to be written for myself – especially on this blog where I record trips I have been on – though the photo challenges are different as they are for a wider audience. The most popular posts however appear to be those from my travels and I guess that is from people making searches for a particular location. I certainly hope that what they find is helpful.

Currently I have no trips planned, and in fact since moving to Cornwall I have become very much a ‘stay at home’ person, so posts on this blog will of necessity take a different format throughout this year. To begin with I will start to reblog some of the lesser visited posts from the past and maybe turn to some more travel writing experiences that I have not yet published. I hope that you will continue to follow me and enjoy my posts. I value each and every one of you who stop by and view, like, comment and support my blog. Thank you.