The new January Squares challenge, hosted as ever by Becky, the Queen of Squares,  is all about ____light. That’s words ending in light. In this often dull month light of any kind is what we all need to lift our spirits as we wait impatiently for spring to begin. Click on the link to find out more.


This is one of the beautiful historic streetcars that move around San Francisco, this one I believe is from Milan. There are several and they are all gorgeous and I loved to ride on them when staying in SF as we always stayed in Fisherman’s Wharf area where many of these streetcars go to. I can’t believe that I have never published a post about these beauties, something I need to rectify.

Headlight (noun) = Headlamps are also often called headlights, but in the most precise usage, headlamp is the term for the device itself and headlight is the term for the beam of light produced and distributed by the device.

So here we have not only headlamps, but also a few headlights! (And even a couple of traffic-lights in the background)

January Squares | Day Twenty-Three