WPC: Motion

P1180842I love how the gentle motion of the water causes ripples that distort the reflections of the boat masts. Mylor Harbour, Cornwall.


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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

59 thoughts on “WPC: Motion”

        1. Oh, wow, Tess, this sent shivers down my spine. It is so mournful! At first I thought the sound was that of a wolf howling. No wonder loons are so special to you. Thank you for the link.

        1. That’ll do nicely! In your own time, of course 🙂 🙂 I don’t expect to get to WP much in the next week or so. Haven’t even started packing yet and am aflutter with nerves. If I’d spent as many hours learning Polish as I do on the blog I’d be competent by now 🙂

        2. I’m sure you will be fine Jo. It must feel like home by now? Are you meeting up with Meg? I remember you saying that you might have a plan.

        3. They couldn’t be more welcoming, Jude, but still I feel like a spare part because of the language barrier. My mumbled phrases don’t cut it and the words wash all around me. You know I love words but I don’t seem able to capture these ones. 🙂
          Sadly Meg and I can’t make it work this trip. She thought about visiting Krakow but I don’t know exactly where I will be when, and by the time she arrives and settles in I’ll probably be in Belchatow. Maybe when she spends her year in Poland…

        4. Ooh, is she thinking of doing that? Maybe we can persuade her to visit England and we could all meet together!! Although it would be difficult for any of us to get a word in edgewise as we all rabbit on so much 😀

        5. Now that would be the blind leading the blind! I’d want to go somewhere in Poland I haven’t been because it’s mostly family time when I’m there. I was thinking of a UK meeting nearer than Penzance but with you and Gilly on the south coast and me with a yen for Dorset, and I haven’t been to Cornwall for the longest time… I think we’ll have to spin a coin. 🙂 Or wait till Meg’s sorted 🙂

  1. So peaceful and I love thinking about ripples in the water……makes me wonder how those ripples will keep rippling and those ripples will ripple and so on and so on……takes one small ripple to create huge change…..

    1. Taken after a very good meal at the harbour. A lovely warm, still evening with the golden light and mirror-glass water. This just looked like artwork.

  2. A very satisfying photo: peaceful and abstract. Just what I need 24 hours before departure. (Big bag sealed. Gizmos charging. Cockroach bait to distribute. Won’t see Jo – timing a bit out, and both of us caught up with family.)

    1. You’ll probably be on your way now. Is J going with you this time? Have a safe flight and I shall look forward to Poland in springtime – it will surely be much warmer and more colourful than it was! Shame about Jo, still, next time maybe.

        1. I wasn’t panicked. Rang my travel agency and I was travelling in fact with two different airlines. I’m writing a post called something like blasé or pride before a fall!

    1. Hi PP. Thanks for your comment. We have come to a decision as to where to look, which is a major breakthrough. Now just need to find the perfect house, or as near perfect as possible 🙂
      Back to Penzance at the end of the month so will try and find something then 🙂

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