Spam and eggs, spam and bacon, spam and eggs and spam, spam and spam and spam…

bad_daySTOP PRESS: Friday 19th July well it appears that the problem has been fixed for all my UK buddies, but there are a few glitches such as my receiving multiple notifications by email if you comment on one of my posts, and I can’t comment on individual photos in a gallery, but I do have a voice again – so thank you Akismet support for getting this very irritating problem fixed. I do think the communication from WordPress could have been handled better, but all’s well that ends well. I hope 🙂

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The problem appears to be fixed now.  If you’re in the UK, and you’re still experiencing the issue, please let us know, especially if you’re a BT or Sky customer:    We’re still investigating the underlying cause.  It seems to be a network-related issue specific to some UK broadband networks and affecting only  If we can publish more details than that then we will. If you’re not in the UK then your problem is not the one being discussed in this thread.

Spam and eggs, spam and bacon, spam and eggs and spam, spam and spam and spam… where it all began (and apologies to Monty Python fans)

For a week now (it all began on Monday 8th July) I have been unable to post comments on other blogs. I enter a comment, then click the “post comment” button… and nothing happens. I am back to the top of the post, and when I scroll down, my comment is not showing. I apologise to those bloggers whose posts I often comment on – I am not ignoring you!

Searching through Google I came across a blogger with a similar problem over a year ago and it appears that my comments may be going into your spam folder. Why this should happen on blogs where I regularly post I do not know, but maybe if you usually hear from me then you could check your spam and see if there are any comments from me in there. If there are and you accept them, then my comments should be accepted in the future, though this does not seem to apply to comments on photos in galleries 😦

I have reported this to WordPress and Akismet, so hopefully the problem will soon be resolved. 🙂

If you are having a similar problem then visit this site
and enter a question such as “I am having problems commenting” and a form will appear, with “All of my comments are being marked as spam fill in the form and select the option “I think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake

You need to be patient as they queue work tickets from oldest to newest so it may take a while! And  I have since learned that there may be problems with the form getting through to them too. If that is the case then email direct to: support [at] akismet [dot] com

You can follow any progress on this Support Forum post (topic now closed as of 17th July)

or any further updates on this one

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    1. IE 10 and Windows 8, but I have done some digging and it seems to affect other platforms including Mac users, who NEVER have a problem 😉

      1. I know what you use, Jude. 🙂 The line of thought I was pursuing turns out to be a dead end. And of course Mac users never have problems. Least of all security problems. 😀

  1. I can certainly identify with this. Someone said to me…go read a book….does this mean I am a WordPress Addict : )))) maybe so….

    1. Well I must be one too, although I do love a good book, but I really missed chatting to my WP friends when I had a crap connection for two weeks. I’m sure I was suffering withdrawal symptoms 😉

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