A for Airport in Amsterdam

frizztext hosts a weekly A – Z Challenge

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Start Date: Tuesdays, recurring weekly

Description: Every Tuesday I offer the “A to Z challenge”, walking step by step through the alphabet.

His new A – Z challenge for 2014  has just started so I thought I’d join in (only just in time this week)

If you would like to join in then please click here.

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

9 thoughts on “A for Airport in Amsterdam”

    1. A long wait Sue! I’m going to try and find a building for each of these challenges or something urban, but I suspect Z may be too much of a challenge! Haven’t been to Zurich recently…

      1. You’d better get to Zurich before December!! I’m doing places for mine, but haven’t got my images ready yet for B…. (Oh, and I’m OK for Z, and Q, but some others will be a problem!) but it should be a challenge! 🙂

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