Travel Theme: Edge

Hotels and houses clinging to the edge of the cliffs, yachts floating in the harbour  and long evening shadows of people walking at the edge of the sea.   Could be the Mediterranean.

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on the edge 1

But it’s not.


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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

55 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Edge”

        1. It’s probably not changed a lot Jo! It could do with a few good restaurants. Still a bit of a bucket and spade resort with a touch of stag and hens about it. Unfortunately.

    1. Thanks Tess 😉
      It is Tenby, Wales, but that might not help you either! Not sure Canadians will venture there, unless there is an ancestor or two to look up.

    1. Oh, clever to spot the tide! I never thought of that. And I agree, it does look like Cornwall especially with the pelargoniums tumbling around in the foreground, but it is actually Tenby, Wales. Pretty place and I have heard it called the ‘new Cornwall’.

    1. Obviously doesn’t remind you of your part of the world then M-R 😉
      Glad you like the photos – they are of a little town in Pembrokeshire, Wales – called Tenby taken last year in the evening sunshine in September. Quite took my breath away.

      1. And everyone’s who saw your photos, too, Jude !! I’ve even heard of Tenby; but I must say that Wales would be possibly the tenth-last country in the world I would’ve guessed !

    1. Funny how many guessed Cornwall. I must admit it has that ‘look’. But it is actually Tenby in Wales. I am wondering if I am missing a trick here. You heading off house hunting any time soon?

      1. Never been to Tenby but it could have been Cornwall.
        Just did the creepy slow drive by of a house here in Suffolk. Bit out of our price range. Owners probably thought they were being cased!
        We’ve had another caravan disaster almost too awful to write about and are staying with friends at the moment. Don’t know when we can properly house hunt.

        1. Oh no! You don’t have much luck do you? But I would like to hear the story – hope it wasn’t too dreadful though and you haven’t lost all your worldly goods. (I am assuming you and Himself are OK). A drive-by sounds like a good idea – at different times of the day helps too 🙂

  1. Reading here I can see I’m not the only one who thought immediately it was St Ives (still not been there, but knowing you have and from what I know of other places in Cornwall) but I see I was wrong! The way you’ve captured the lighting in the top photo particularly makes it look like a painting, Both stunningly beautiful. A part of the world I’m not familiar with. Pembrokeshire is a place I’m desperate to visit because I’ve got a thing about puffins. I hope I don’t regret saying that, lol 😉

      1. Oh do you, how wonderful! You know, to my shame I don’t know about Lundy Island. Will ask hubby about it…but I’m excited now about that new discovery, thanks Jude 🙂

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