Name Dropping in Sydney

 Lingering over windows in Sydney has the effect of leaving you with your mouth open – so many expensive shops. I couldn’t help admire the gleaming window displays; less is more.

I never shop where they don’t show the price in the window.




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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

54 thoughts on “Name Dropping in Sydney”

  1. Lovely photos. I lived in Sydney for two years and still think it’s the most beautiful city I’ve been to. I loved The Rocks area 🙂

    1. It’s not a bad city, but sooo busy with people and traffic. Much more than my previous visit in 2003. I prefer to be away from the actual city though. Manly would be good. Or Bronte.

  2. Less is indeed more. While locals must be happy they can get their fill of glamour, I am a little sad to see that the shops of Sydney are no different than those of 5th Avenue and international airports.

    1. It is an expensive city and quite a beautiful city, but as I thought on my first visit here in 1998, it is just another metropolis. Then it was a much cleaner city, now it’s like most others. No, the real Australia is not to be found in Sydney.

        1. Goodness! I don’t know enough about Australia to make the best comment here, but I would say anywhere away from crowds of people. It depends who you are and what you want I suppose. Some travellers come here for the Bondi beaches and the nightlife and love it. That is Australia for them. Me, I am more interested in the flora and fauna, the landscapes, the history of the land. So getting on the road and exploring the back roads that take you through little country towns, old mining towns, that sort of thing where locals drive beat-up Utes and have an Aussie accent, unlike many of the young people around here who sound more American to me.

  3. And I entirely agree. Whilst I love living here, it’s because I’ve been here with my mind functioning (more or less) longer than anywhere else – although I lived in Perth my home town till I was 21, I can’t claim to’ve had an even partially-functioning brain till somewhere around … oh, 8? – this is not a kind city. It’s run from the top: big business calls the tune VERY obviously, and there is no room for compassion in Sydney.
    Still, as I say, I do love it; and there isn’t another city I could settle in to, now. Just too old, I s’pose.

    1. Ah you are such a city girl M-R. Me, the older I get the more I dislike cities. It’s probably too late for me to escape to the country, but I’m looking for a nice little town near the coast. I live in the perfect little market town, unfortunately you couldn’t get much further from the coast if you tried!

  4. Beetley Pete mentioned t shirts and that’s one thing I’ve felt before, how on earth can a plain black t shirt be worth more than a tenner anywhere? These designer shops often have snooty staff that look down their noses at me – when I travel I’m never smart, I prefer comfy jeans trainers and a cheap t shirt!

    1. Haha, Gilly you made me laugh! That’s exactly how I feel – the people who work in these stores terrify me! They’d have a dickey fit if I walked in with my jeans and T shirt and comfy Birkenstocks – although I could always PRETEND to be so stinking rich it doesn’t matter! If only I had the nerve… 😀

  5. I think we all seem to be totally intimidated by these type of shops. Maybe we should find a man like Richard Geer to bank roll us!!! (remember Lady in Red?) But I think even then I wouldn’t have the nerve to go in.

    1. Now there’s a thought – I think you are thinking of Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts) and if only I looked like her there might be a chance 😉

      And you’d have to be wearing a ton of make-up too, none of this “natural” look 🙂

  6. PS I’m really looking forward to seeing DJ’s Christmas windows, I’m hoping you will have some photos to show us. I was captivated by it last year, and has the Town Hall been lit up yet?

    1. DJ Christmas windows scheduled for December – and they are gorgeous! Hard to get photos though because there was always someone looking, taking photos etc. Blooming tourists!! The Town Hall had a few coloured lights along the top when I was there. Maybe I need to pop back in one evening before I leave,

    1. Nah, I think you are born to be one of “these” people. You either love big brands or you don’t. I have never been into clothes except when I was a teenager and even then it wasn’t “brands”. I think this started in the memememe ’80s and has got worse ever since.

      1. I think I dream of being able to choose to buy these things rather than actually having them! A lot of the styles of these ‘designers’ are dreadful and I wouldn’t want to wear/use them. If I had the money to consider buying ‘labels’ I would be spending it on travel. 🙂

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