Christmas Glow

From Thursday 3 December until Sunday 3 January RHS Wisley added to the enjoyment of the festive season with the Jigantics light installations in the shape of magical, giant lit-up flowers.

Of course you have to wait until dusk before the show really begins.


Snowdrops at the entrance



Tulips along the canal and loggia

Lotus flowers changing colour

Lilies near the food hall

Gerberas on the lawn

and more lovely lights in the garden

If you enjoy a walk, long or short, then have a look at Jo’s site where you are welcome to join in.

And I guess this could also be a post for my January challenge: Winter Gardens!

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

52 thoughts on “Christmas Glow”

  1. Jude – these are exquisite! I’ve not seen this type of lighting before and hope our botanic gardens eventually acquire some. I’m glad I took a peek tiday!

    1. A new event for the garden, I hope they repeat it as it was really lovely and certainly brightened up a considerably dull day.

  2. These are fabulous (as are the photos) – and reminded me of something I was meant to post before Christmas but completely forgot! I will have to get it organised and post it, and it will fit nicely into your new challenge too. 🙂

    1. Ah, so many things to post about and so many other things get in the way! I have a list of posts that still need writing, mainly because of the time it takes to select and edit the photos! I can see me becoming a one photo poster before long 😉

      1. One photo posting does have its merits! I, too, have a lot of posts that I could write, but finding the time has been tricky. I’m hoping to have more of it now, and also to find time to comment on blogs, and reply to comments left on mine!

    1. Me too. We usually visit the garden to see what (if anything) is happening and the glasshouse of course as that is always decorated for Christmas, but these lights really add something (and the amount of visitors proves it was popular)

  3. So glad you managed to see them 😀 I never got a second chance! Really loved what I did get but wish it had gone on for longer as we’ve had so many miserable wet days. Wanted to take my friend on Sunday but it was tipping it down! Great to see some of the pieces in the twilight that I missed getting up close to 🙂 Did you have a favourite? I really loved the tulips along the canal 😀

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks to you I got to know about the lights. We were lucky in that it had stopped raining on the day we went, but the grounds were very wet. I loved the changing lights of the water-lilies, but they were very hard to capture with a hand-held camera! There were a lot of people there too!

      1. Oh I’m so glad I managed to spread the word 😀 I expect everyone flocked there the moment the rains stopped! We didn’t get a good close look at the lilies as it had just started raining hard again so it was lovely to see them in your photos 🙂 I did try a long hand-held exposure from by the lake but it didn’t work out so well. I do hope they do this again!!

        1. Very crowded the day we went, but it was dry. Lots with tripods. I just used a fast prime lens so I had to move into position. I missed the daisy in the rockery, but we were getting cold and it was almost 5 pm so we left. I think they should open the gardens a bit later when they do this as it was still too light when they first lit up. Maybe until 6 pm.

        2. Yes I really needed the tripod but it was actually too wet to be setting it all up! The long exposure of the Laboratory and canal was a bit easier as I placed the camera on the wall. It would be good to have a bit longer although the ideal time to photograph is actually at dusk so you get some details of the garden and sky. It’s such a short window for getting the photos though! That perfect light doesn’t last for long in the winter. The butterfly expo starts in a couple of weeks 😀 It’s on until the end of the first week in March I think. Are you likely to be visiting the area again in that time?

        3. Hoping to be moving shortly! So we won’t be down in Surrey for a while. I shall look forward to your butterflies though 😀

        4. Oh wow! Big change 😀 I know you love it down there. I keep telling Simon that we must get down to Cornwall. He’s not been to Eden and I haven’t been for over ten years. I want to see how much it’s changed!

        5. Personally I’m not keen on Eden. Prefer the Lost Gardens of Heligan. If you do go and use Tesco then the vouchers make a big saving!

        6. Thanks for the tip! I think Eden has to be seen at least once. I wasn’t totally sure what I thought about it but I would like to see what Simon makes of it! Yes, I’d like to go to Heligan even if I can’t get around all of it.

    1. I only found out about it because another blogger posted images of the lights and I just happened to be down in Surrey after Christmas.

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