Godrevy – Portreath Heritage Coast

This is in  celebration of Earth Day and the birth of my newest grandson who was born on Mother’s Day in Australia. As our ‘Blue Planet’ comprises of 70% water an image of the Celtic Sea seems appropriate. The cliffs along this part of the Cornish coast are becoming very unstable due to erosion and you certainly won’t get me scrambling down them to a beach.

North Cliffs and Crane Islands

It is a great place for spotting wild flowers and sea birds along the 250 feet high sheer cliffs and basking sharks have been seen below.

For more Cornish photography please visit my new Cornwall blog “Under a Cornish Sky

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

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  1. Congratulations Jude, what lovely news, you must be itching to visit. I didn’t know you had so many, sounds like several are ‘abroad’, all Australia? Are you granny, grandma or?

    1. 3 now in Australia. It’s what comes of having four children myself! And I am grandma – though when the first one was born I refused to let her call me that! (I was only 44). Really wanted to go out there this September, but other things happening. Just received a photo – he is very cute and they are naming him Luca. (My son is fixated with Ferrari I think…)

      1. So far away, I don’t know how I’d cope 😟 you were a young grandma and I think that makes you a year older than me. Luca is a lovely name and I hope you meet him soon. If you have to wait, well they keep getting cuter until they’re about 7 🙃

        1. I’m lucky in that I did get over there when the eldest one was little and my son has always managed to visit us every few years. I don’t see that much of the ones here since we moved away from the south-east. They all have very hectic social lives. (The kids that is not the parents 😀 )

  2. What a great day to arrive, truly a Mother’s day gift and a Grand mothers too. Now you will have to come back over here. Lovely photo you have chosen for the challenge.

    1. Oh, yes PP. I must get over there soon as! His granny from New Zealand is with them at the moment. I do envy her.

      1. Go in August to October Jude then you will also see the wild flowers. I think the big annual spring festival in Kings Park Perth is September.

        1. That was my plan until my step-daughter decided to get married in September! Maybe next year. I think they are coming to the UAE in October so I can try and meet up with them over there – not my ideal of a place to go to but at least a shorter flight! (He works for Etihad Airlines)

    1. Having grandchildren is a lot easier than having children. Someone else does all the hard work 🙂

  3. The blues are lovely in that shot, Jude. Congrats on the new baby too. As you say, someone else does the hard stuff on those occasions.
    Regards as always, Pete. x

  4. Congratulations Jude! Hoping all is well for the new parents and baby. When will you get to meet the new Grandbaby?

    1. Thanks Sue, everyone is fine. All at home now so the fun will begin 🙂 I hope to get out there early next year.

      1. Yes those early days can be challenging. I have spent quite a bit of time with my daughter and their wee one over the last 10 days. As you say let the fun begin!

        1. Yes about 10 days ago. We are lucky enough to have a 10 year old grand daughter but this is our first baby. Loving every minute. 🙂

  5. Lovely photo and congratulations, although you did all the hard work years ago. I suppose you’ll need to come back out to Sydney again. Maybe timed to the Sculptures by the Sea festival? 🙂

    1. Since my last visit they have moved to the other side of the country so probably not, sadly. However, I haven’t explored Perth and I do like the Margaret’s River region so I am sure I’ll find something to do over there 🙂 I’d like to coincide with WA wild flower season, but not going to make that this year.

        1. Yes my not quite DIL suffered dreadfully from several days at 40 degrees – as a New Zealander she is not accustomed to that sort of heat. I think I shall avoid February!

      1. I’ve just remembered: Sculpture by the Sea also occurs for about 2 weeks at Cottesloe Beach in Perth every March. Just google them for more info closer to the time.

  6. Gorgeous, Jude! I’m so happy you’re getting all settled in in Cornwall. Congratulations on your new baby grandson, especially for mother’s day. Hope you had a happy day! 🙂

    1. UK Mother’s Day is always in March so long gone! But lovely to have a new addition to the family. Hope you had a good day 🙂

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