Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site: Sant Manuel (10)

Sant Manuel is one of the taller buildings at the rear of the site and was built between 1923 and 1924. It was used as General Surgery for males.

Due to the two floors there are two sets of floor to ceiling windows in the circular rooms.

The small domes surmounting the water towers – the highest part of the pavilions – are also clad in monochrome tiles that follow the same pattern.

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8 thoughts on “Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site: Sant Manuel (10)”

    1. Apparently so, these buildings were well-considered at the time. I like this one, but my favourite is the next one, also a double storey building.

    1. Haha… not at all Meg. I have a 16GB card and only use Jpegs so I can get a lot of images on that. I know there are a lot of posts, but there is a lot of information too and I figured one post would be far too long. Besides each of these pavilions deserve their own post. And despite the appearances, they are all different.

    1. I did get one photo of this one, but it doesn’t really give you the impression that it is circular. None of the other buildings are open to the public except the Administration, which I shall show at the end of these posts.

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