Ford Falcon Station-Wagon

I spotted this car in a car park near Newquay last month and just had to take a few photos of it for my blogging pal, Sue Judd, who loves classic cars. I don’t know how much of a classic this is, but it is certainly nearly as old as me.

Just look at all that chrome to polish. And the detail around the lights.

This probably belongs to someone who loves to surf as there is room inside for a surfboard.

Maybe the bodywork needs a little TLC. But just look at that amazing steering wheel! I have no idea of the date, but it has the look of those 1960s American cars

Hope you like it Sue!

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45 thoughts on “Ford Falcon Station-Wagon”

  1. Oh, wow! There’s a Classic alright. I would have said early ’60s my.self, but I see you’ve had plenty of advisors…….Thanks for posting, Jude!!

    1. From what others have said it looks like 1962 is a possibility. Glad you like it. It seems to have brought back a lot of memories.

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