October Squares | Day Twenty-Eight

This month Becky (the Queen of Squares) has challenged us to find lines. In Squares naturally. That is the only proper ‘rule’. I have been dipping into the archives for this one, as well as finding local lines.

Brent Geese over Hayle. October 2019. Click to enlarge.

October Squares | Day 28

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

25 thoughts on “October Squares | Day Twenty-Eight”

    1. Thanks Pete. I was walking by the pool and watching them feeding trying to get a shot for the lines challenge. As I headed back to the car shortly before sunset they began to fly off. An even better shot would have been the one when they were flying directly in front of my car, but of course I was driving!

    1. A bit like me and the long-tailed tits this week. I have never seen them in the garden but a small flock arrived two days running and both times I didn’t have a camera close by. They are in and out like a flash!

    1. Oh, that would have been so good Sue, they looked as though they were streaming out from the car. I am now considering getting a dash cam!! (And a little birdie tells me you are having dinner with the lovely restless one soon – lucky you!)

    1. Last Wednesday was not only a blue sky day but also warm enough to be jacket-less! I took the opportunity to do my end of the month garden stroll. I knew rain was heading our way on Friday!

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