2020 Photo Challenge

This year I want to challenge myself in my photography. Each month will explore a different photographic technique or topic which I aim to experiment with.  I am not a photographic expert and in fact usually stick to the auto settings on my camera though I do change the lens I use from time to time! I will attempt to use manual settings, but I don’t know how this will pan out, but beyond technical skills I want to expand my creative eye and take more thoughtful photographs.

I would be delighted if anyone else wants to join in.  Dip into the archives or go out there and challenge yourself along with me.


I shall post a photo each Sunday within a particular theme or technique which will change monthly.  Each theme will be accompanied by a brief explanation about the topic and some hints and tips.

You are invited to join in by posting one or more of your own photographs within the month that fit into the theme and either add a link (ping-back) in your post to mine or link to it in a comment on my post.

To make it easier to find everyone’s posts, perhaps you could add the Tag #2020PhotoChallenge to each of your posts.

You don’t have to post on a Sunday, any day in the week will do and if you have loads of photos that fit into a theme then feel free to post several times or create a gallery or whatever suits you best.

Below you will find twelve photography topics, each conveying a topic, skill or concept and each week I shall be setting a new assignment with which to practice that topic.

This is a personal challenge as a means to practice and improve photography techniques, expand creativity and perhaps learn something new. (For the technical aspects of photography I’m afraid you will have to look elsewhere – there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet.)

Remember, being creative should be challenging and self-inspiring, it should be fun and not be a chore. Join in when and as often as you please.

Themes / Techniques: 

click on the links to view the assignments for that month if you want to plan your photography shoots

If you select 2020 Challenge from the Photo Challenges Menu (on the left) you will be able to look through all my posts once published.

36 thoughts on “2020 Photo Challenge”

  1. Even though I host another challenge, I would love to join in here and there. It is a great time to upskill our photographic efforts. I am glad I found this.

    1. Join in when and where you can – the topics are different each month so you can choose the ones which appeal to you. I dip in and out of various photo challenges – I think they can help stimulate creativity – well mine at least 😁

      1. I have posted over on my other blog and it has been fun. As I used older photos, it was a fun experience using post production to enhance textures. I am looking forward to the new topic.

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