The new January Squares challenge, hosted as ever by Becky, the Queen of Squares, is all about ____light. In this often dull month light of any kind is what we all need to lift our spirits as we wait impatiently for spring to begin. Click on the link to find out more.

Skylight or Rooflight

This might be a risky choice because actually there is no glass in this roof opening, but Becky is pretty flexible as long as it’s square. Which it isn’t of course, it is most definitely oval though the frame is square…

I’ll shut up now.

This striking Skyscape is the American artist James Turrell’s celestial observatory stationed on a hilltop in the Tremenheere Sculpture Garden just outside Penzance in Cornwall : from the circular bench inside you become mesmerised by the bright white walls and contrasting roof open to the weather – in this instance an azure blue sky that looked as though it had been painted on the ceiling. I can’t imagine what it must be like to watch clouds drifting across or even stars!

I have seen another of Turrell’s installations, Skyspace, in Canberra. He certainly gets around!

skylight (noun) = an opening in a roof or ceiling, fitted with glass, for admitting daylight.

January Squares | Day Six

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  1. We have James Turrell installations here in Hobart too, at MONA. One similar to this has music and coloured lights on the roof at dawn and dusk to enhance the changing sky light.

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