We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo

This month Becky’s Squares are focusing on odd things – you can interpret this any way you want so I am going to take you all to the zoo this month. San Diego Zoo to be precise and the photos featured will be either odd looking animals, animals with odd names, odd facts or slightly odd photos. I hope you’ll enjoy my selection.

Day 18

The Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby, formerly known as the ring-tailed rock-wallaby, is one of the most brightly coloured of all Australian mammals and is readily identified by its colouring and patterning. It moves easily around mountaintops, jumping as far as 13 feet (4 m) from rock to rock.

Wallabies are part of the large group of macropods / Macropodidae, means “big feet” the group includes kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, quokkas, pademelons, potoroos, honey possums, and tree kangaroos. In most species, the hind legs and feet are much larger and more powerful than the forelimbs. Their tail is long, muscular, and thick at the base, helping the kangaroo or wallaby balance and turn during hopping and providing support when it rests.

If you want to join in either daily, weekly or just on the odd occasion then please visit Becky, the only rule is that the main photo MUST be a square – that is four equal sides! You have been warned 😉

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  1. Very colourful, and I like the tail. I think Ollie must me a ‘Macropod’, as his back feet are much larger than his front ones. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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