More doors than you can shake a stick at…

Dawn’s monthly architecture challenge features doors this month. I like doors. And in Ludlow there are a LOT of photogenic doors…

Front doors are very important in feng shui, it is through the front door – also called the mouth of Chi – that the house receives its nourishment of feng shui energy. Your choice should be based on the direction the door is facing.

East facing or South-east? Then you should look at Wood, or wood element colours such as green or brown. But as wood comes from earth and water you can look at colours from these elements as well. Green, brown, blue, black, pale yellow and earthy tones work well. But avoid purple.

collage 1

West facing? Then the element is Metal. So white or grey are the most suitable though you could also use earthy shades and pale yellow. This also applies to a north-west facing door. Avoid water or fire colours.

white doors (U)

South facing? Then the Feng shui element is Fire. So you can go for red, purple, deep orange, strong yellow or deep pink. Green and brown are also OK, but avoid blue and black.

red doors (U)

South-west  and north-east facing is Earth and therefore pale yellow, sandy or earthy colours are preferable, but as fire is an element of earth you can also choose the fire colours. Earthy/sandy colours, yellow, burgundy red, purple, deep orange, and rich pink. Avoid green, brown, white, grey, blue and black.

blue door collage (U)The feng shui element of the North direction is Water, so the best colours to choose are blue or black. Metal elements can also be used so white and grey are OK. Avoid green, brown, yellow, red, purple, orange, and deep pink.

My front door is south facing and wooden, so I guess that’s OK. Though I actually prefer a blue door so I need to look for a house with a North or East facing door.

Is your front door painted the correct feng shui colour? Do you care?

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79 thoughts on “More doors than you can shake a stick at…”

  1. Love no. 15 with its pretty heart shaped wreath, and that wonderful angel knocker! 🙂 We’ve committed the cardinal UPVC crime, both here and in the Algarve, Jude. But at least we got our colours right 🙂
    Happy travels! Pack the sunshine to take with you 🙂

    1. UPVC is something we have to live with even if we don’t have to love it! Good that you have the right colour though! I hope the sun shines, but right now I just need to get away and see the sea!

  2. So now I need to buy a house to match my choice of front door!
    Seriously though, that was very interesting – food for thought

    1. No, you just need to buy a house where the front door faces the direction of the colour you would like. Sigh! It was easier the way you wrote it. What colour do you fancy then?

  3. Missed this post first time round Jude (we were cruising) thank you for the link, very interesting. I guess we have it right by default the door is yellow and faces east. It is well and truly ready for a touch up paint job, one day… But I would keep it yellow as I love the happy sunny look of it… 🙂

    1. I am so happy to find someone with a yellow door! And that colour suits you, a more sunnier person I cannot imagine.

      1. Thanks Jude, all the walls of our very small Granny flat are a pale yellow, so light and cheerful. When we moved in this area was all dark red brick which we quickly got rendered and I painted yellow.

        1. Me too. This place originally had shades on the west side to keep out the sun, they were the first things Jack took down…

        2. I would love you too. But we are almost as far from Perth as the UK ( well maybe that is a slight exaggeration!!!)

  4. Just came back to this post. You could have re-posted for this week’s challenge! Anyway, pleased about earthy shades for West facing doors.

    1. I could have, but it was a good excuse to publish my yellow door 🙂

      I guess you have a west-facing door?

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