Black and White Sunday: Maternal

Don’t you just go “ahhh…” when you see fluffy ducklings? This mother had her work cut out keeping tabs on her brood of five on the River Teme. They were constantly ducking and diving 🙂

In honour of Mother’s Day in Australia and New Zealand, South Africa and the USA and parts of Europe it appears, though not Poland.

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Travel Theme: Endearing


adjective: endearing
  1. inspiring affection.
    “an endearing little grin”
    “hedgehogs are endearing creatures”
    synonyms: lovable, adorable, cute, sweet, dear, delightful, lovely, charming,appealing, attractive, engaging, winning, captivating, enchanting, beguiling,winsome;

    OK children, gather round, we are going to visit Bodiam castle


    See, it’s really easy, we just follow the Humans over the bridge, no need to be afraid of all that water.


    Best foot forward…


    stay together now


    Oh, dear, there’s always ONE who falls in.


 Aw, come on, he is rather cute don’t you think?