Reculver Towers and Roman Fort

It was a cold, grey day in June when I ventured out to the North Kent coast to visit a building that had intrigued me when I first glimpsed it in the distance from Herne Bay a few years ago. Twin towers that looked as though they rose from the sea itself.


An imposing landmark, the twin 12th-century towers of the ruined church stand amid the remains of an important Roman ‘Saxon Shore’ fort and a Saxon monastery.


It wasn’t always on the beach – coastal erosion has caused much of this site to be lost to the sea, so if you want to visit I suggest you don’t leave it too long.

From the car park it is a very short walk to the site ruins, but you can continue to walk along the coast through the Reculver Country Park to Herne Bay (west) along the Wantsum Way, or towards Margate (east). Given the blustery, wet weather I’m afraid I didn’t venture too far along this coastal path, but in sunnier weather I imagine it is a very nice place to walk or cycle in.

Looking West



DSCF0533You can see the path leading away on the left-hand side, but this promenade obviously wasn’t the best route forward. I was constantly wiping the camera lens already!

DSCF0552If you enjoy a walk, short or long, then you may enjoy visiting Jo’s Monday Walk where you are in for a treat.