A – Z of Locations: H is for Hartland Quay

During this year I shall be posting photographs from places around the UK, many of which have not been published before. Where I have previously blogged about a location I will provide a link to the post, though you won’t be able to comment on it as I restrict comments to six months.

H is for Hartland Quay

Hartland Quay on the north coast of Devon is wild and rugged with contorted rock layers.

The wilderness of Hartland Peninsula is well worth exporing – it is a lost world of narrow roads winding their way to the coast. Visit Hartland Point, the Quay, Speke’s Mill Mouth  and the glorious Hartland Abbey where paths around the estate lead to the beach and Blackpool Mill Cottage where ‘Sense and Sensibility’ was filmed. Nearby St Nectan’s Church has been a landmark for sailors for generations with its tower believed to be the highest in Devon.

Hartland Quay

It is one of the most dramatic landscapes in the UK with the highest granite cliffs overlooking Atlantic rollers. Take a walk along the coastal path here for wonderful views of the rugged coastline, astonishing folded and compressed rock formations, jutting ribs in the sand and waterfalls and inland moorland, heath and wooded valleys.

Screda Cove
Spekes Mill Mouth

North Devon is often overlooked in favour of its southern neighbour, but it is a stunning part of the county. And much less traffic.

Spring in North Devon

A couple of years ago we went to North Devon and stayed in a National Trust Cottage near the pebbly Peppercombe Beach.

The cottages were traditionally built out of cob in the late eighteenth century, to house the officers of what was then called the Preventive Service – tasked with policing this wild stretch of coast to prevent smuggling – and later evolved into the life saving Coastguard Service Continue reading Spring in North Devon