Thursday’s Special: PICK A WORD IN DECEMBER

Paula’s last pick a word this year and my choice is Sagacious (and yes I did have to look it up)

The Bodleian Library is one of the worlds oldest libraries at the heart of Oxford’s historic University. The Library opened in 1602 and has since been used as a working library belonging to the University of Oxford. Discover the Divinity School, a masterpiece of English Gothic architecture and the oldest teaching and examination hall in the University.

Source: Experience Oxford

Thursday’s Special | Sagacious 

N for Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica

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or National and University Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

N - national library in Ljubljana

It is located in the centre of Ljubljana, between Turjak Street (Turjaška ulica), Gentry Street (Gosposka ulica), and Vega Street (Vegova ulica), in a building designed by the architect Jože Plečnik in the years 1930–31 and constructed between 1936–41. The building is considered one of the greatest achievements by Plečnik. Wikipedia

 “From the twilight of ignorance to the light of knowledge and enlightenment”

The building has a square ground plan and is a massive block with a court. The front façade, oriented toward Turjak Street, was designed as a combination of brick and stone embeddings, some of them archaeological remains from the place. It was modelled in the manner of the Italian palazzo and the handles of the main door end with a little head of Pegasus. The side entrance from the Lord Street is decorated with a sculpture of Moses, created by Lojze Dolinar.


Unfortunately we were being guided through the town by a friend so didn’t have a chance to get up close to this unusual building, nor go inside.  So if you have seen the interior I’d love to know what it is like.