October Squares

Today is the last day of this October theme so if you want to join in better be quick! Becky won’t mind if you post 31 squares or just the one.

I’ve tried to mix it up a bit this month, with photos that have appeared in previous Square challenges, some that didn’t make the final cut and some new photos that would have done, like this one for the Blue Squares, which didn’t qualify because all my blues came from Cornwall and this image is from Ludlow. Day 31

 Blue – July 2019 / Starlight – January 2020 / Womankind – October 2020

Tomorrow I will have a review of all the squares I have used this month, for now I shall just say thank you to Becky for hosting this challenge and thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to visit my squares and leave a like or a comment. Each of your visits is very much appreciated.

October Squares

The October theme offers something for absolutely everybody – a chance to share past posts, past squares and glimpses of the past. I’m going to mix it up a bit, with photos that have appeared in previous Square challenges, some that didn’t make the final and some new photos that would have done. Day 26

 Pink – September 2018

If you want to join in either daily, weekly or just on the odd occasion then please visit Becky, the only rule is that the photo MUST be a square – that is four equal sides! You have been warned 😉

Little Italy San Diego CA

is historically home to Italian Fishermen and their families, many who arrived there from San Francisco after the devastating 1906 earthquake. The area went into a severe decline during the 1970s when the Interstate 5 was constructed destroying 35% of the neighbourhood. Now it is a very popular area. India Street is lined with restaurants featuring cuisines of both Southern and Northern Italy, including Sicilian dishes, and there are cafés with secluded courtyards serving good coffee, paninis and gelato. Delis offer a selection of foods, wine and delicious deli sandwiches and traditional Italian foodstuffs and there are some great local boutiques where you can find unique clothing, jewellery and small craft items.

Angel Mural: (Filippino Lippi)

One great thing about Little Italy, is the abundance of public art displays . Walking around the district you can’t help stopping to look at and photograph the walls. This mural can be found on the corner of Juniper and India, and was created by Dawn Morrison Wagner, a chalk artist.

This is my interpretation of paint for Ailsa’s weekly travel theme.