A Word a Week Challenge: Undulate

A man of thought must feel the thought that is parent of the universe: that the masses of nature do undulate and flow.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every week Sue from ‘A Word in Your Ear’ dips into her English Oxford dictionary and picks a word on the page that it falls open at. The challenge is to post a photograph, poem, story – whatever the genre you like best to describe what that word means to you.

This week’s challenge is Undulate (click to join in with the challenge)


un·du·late v. un·du·lat·edun·du·lat·ingun·du·lates

1. To cause to move in a smooth wavelike motion.
2. To give a wavelike appearance or form to.

wave-door-3The wavy line on these doors at Mission San Juan Bautista (St John the Baptist) signifies the River of Life.

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11 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: Undulate”

  1. Unusual choice for undulate, but spot on nonetheless. I was expecting a snake, or river tributary, and was pleasantly surprised by the door panel. Nice one Jude.
    Regards as always, Pete

    1. Almost went for ripples on the water, but that seemed too safe. Then undulating hills, but I have been working on my Mission pieces and thought these doors fitted the bill perfectly!

  2. Lovely door with a great meaning and it fits so well with this challenge. Now against all my intentions… I’m just going to pop over to read about the challenge. 😉

    1. Quite challenging this week, but it’s not often you find waves on a door so I figured it would be a good choice, although the header photo isn’t very good.

    1. Only place I have come across this, but very interesting. There are holes at the bottom of some doors that were apparently made to allow cats to move in and out to keep down the rat population! Oh, happy days! Antique cat-flaps 😀

    1. Hi Tish!
      Thanks for your comment. I like your interpretation… Fortunately there were other doors which were accessible 🙂

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