Z is for Zulu Huts

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Well this is the end of the A to Z challenge and probably the most tricky letter for me as I haven’t got any buildings or architectural terms beginning with a Z, In fact the only one I can find is a Ziggurat and not having visited Mesopotamia (Iraq and Iran) needless to say I don’t have a photo of one.

So I hope my Zulu huts will suffice! It’s been an enjoyable journey, thinking of interesting buildings around the world for the challenge, and those of you who have followed this from the start, I hope that you have enjoyed it too 🙂

Z - Zulu RondavelIf you want to visit a game reserve in southern Africa, but don’t have deep pockets then do not despair. Addo Elephant Park in the Eastern Cape is a reserve that is home to much more than elephants, and you can stay inside the park in adorable thatched roofed Rondavels, in the style of traditional African huts.

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

31 thoughts on “Z is for Zulu Huts”

  1. Good old SA salvaged a Z for you Jude. I like the look of those huts though, great views over the veld!
    Regards as always, Pete. x

    1. We stayed in one of them! Braai facilities on the stoep too and a communal kitchen. Overlooking the water-hole so great views of various animals visiting in the evening and early morning. And cheap!

  2. I’ve GOT TO talk your travel with you. Now you’ve stayed in a Zulu hut. Comments often reveal more than the post itself. I’d like to see a Zgreb post too.

    1. Sadly Zagreb was far too long ago and no photos from then. And yes, you are right, I enjoy the comments often more than a post!

  3. A Zulu hut will do nicely, Jude. Though I’m not sure how comfortable? A B&B in Keswick might be better but that really won’t fit the challenge.

    1. It was extremely comfortable Jo – just a big bed in there and clever shelves, a hanging rail and a tiny ensuite shower room! The fridge was on the stoep as well as a BBQ, but we didn’t use them.

  4. Hi Jude 🙂 Just popping back to see if you’re ok today? I was visiting all my comments and saw yours on Sherri’s blog. She doesn’t allow you to ‘chip in’ with the comments as you can on mine, but I realised how upset you were. Just stopping by with a hug.

    Christine had a full and happy life, though its end was shocking. The number of comments is unbelievable but I’m going around trying to spread the smiles today. It’s what she would have wanted, isn’t it? 🙂

    After I finished my long and boring career as a civil servant I did a couple of years of care work. Hard work! But I met a lady who was to become a lifelong friend. She is just one year older than me. Getting ready for a wedding anniversary celebration with her husband she fell to the floor- an aneurism! It was not well managed by the hospital and she walks with a frame and has intermittent memory loss. Every time I went to Vron’s house I used to think ‘it could have been me’. I could never have retained the smiles and the warmth that she has, Jude. I would have been full of bitterness for all that I had lost. She has to be assisted with toilet and bathing. Life can be very cruel, but in exchange she has a tribe of grandchildren that she loves to bits. I still visit now and then.

    1. Hi Jo, just read your comment here to Jude and I was surprised to see that you said I don’t allow others to chip in. Not sure what you meant by that as my blogging friends chip in all the time! Do you mean that for some reasons your comments weren’t showing up when you tried to do so? Let me know if there is a problem with that and I’ll make sure you can chip in any time you want. It’s what blogging is all about and I love to hear from anyone and everyone anytime and would never want anybody to think I don’t allow chipping in for whatever reason 🙂

      1. Aaaargh! I’ve just written screens on yours on the subject 🙂 🙂 And others 🙂
        I couldn’t see a ‘reply’ slot beneath Jude’s comment where I could ‘chip in’. No worries. Maybe me being dense. For a change 🙂 Dense but good natured.

        1. Oh dear Jo, and here I am just replying to your comment at my pad about it so I won’t repeat myself here!!! I can see what you mean by that ‘reply’ slot missing… And you’re not dense. But I often think I am, and always the last to know… 🙂

    2. Thanks Jo. I’m fine today. It was just such a shock and brought back sad memories. You just never know do you. Anyway it has kicked me into doing something about moving. I need to get on with it and enjoy every day – well I usually do – but it’s time to find that all important garden / beach.

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