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Warning: Don’t adjust your monitor

Like many other photographers out there I am not so good on the night shots, mainly because I don’t always carry a tripod and to be honest, unless you can find something to rest your camera on to keep it ultra steady, night shots without one are usually only fit for the recycle bin.

Saying that, I have attempted a few during Lisa’s ‘One Day, One World’ project and had some limited success with the fireworks. And I posted a few from San Diego on my old Postcards blog that were OK.

But these are from Victoria, BC, where I just had to capture that fabulous Legislative Building lit up by over 3,000 bulbs (how do you fancy changing those light-bulbs?) and a few other colourful scenes around the Inner Harbour.


(please click image to enlarge )

The header photo is an example where lights at night become blurred – I love the car headlights and rear lights forming that stream of colour, but the building bulbs ought to have been sharp.  Oh, well, I shall have to keep on practising these sorts of shots. And take the tripod with me!

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

49 thoughts on “WPC: Night Photography”

    1. I used a gorillapod which is small enough to travel with, though not very high (sat it on a park bench to get some height) and I used my husband’s camera which has a remote. That helps with camera shake too, though you can also use the timer on your camera if you don’t have a remote. Glad you like them Dawn 🙂

      1. Actually, I didn’t – how remiss of me! I rarely take night shots, need to remedy this sometime. I have just posted a couple taken some years ago, but nothing to shout about 🙂

        1. MIne’s not light either but I don’t have to use interchangeable lenses. Contemplating a mirrorless camera, but can’t decide on which one! Too much choice.

        2. And I am doing the same because there will come a time when I can’t lug the D300 around any more….but choices! And will anŷthing suit me as well!

    1. Apart from the top image these aren’t too bad – but I used a tripod AND a remote. Most without a tripod are consigned to the bin.

  1. I like them all. There’s something impressionistic about the flow of light. I wonder how many light bulbs for the Legislative Building?

    Thanks for the tripod reminder. There’s one sitting in my foyer (too grand a word, but dunno what else to call it). It’s been there unused since Christmas – and it wasn’t used then! Theory was a family photo with us all in it, but thirteen people were hard to herd. May be time to take it for a walk.

    1. I think if you use a tripod you take much more time to set up each shot, which may be a good thing. I’m still too trigger happy and take far too many photos. I believe the number of bulbs is 3,333 but I didn’t stop to count them.

    1. Thank you Sylvia. I have taken a few night shots, but to be honest, without a tripod (or a very fast lens as per Sue above) mine end up in the trash! I have had a few successes, but many, many failures 😉

    1. I do like the speeding lights. I must have another go at night shots – not here though, there are very few cars and nothing going fast enough! I need to find a motorway bridge!

        1. It’s an awful long way to a motorway from here, so no chance any time soon M-R 😀
          BTW I will be in Sydney next month – any chance of meeting up for coffee and cake?

        2. WOW !!! – WONDERFUL ! Can’t think of anything I’d like better.
          Specific dates between which …?
          Where will you be staying ?

        3. City over the bridge: Dee Why might as well be in another country. [grin]
          Friday 14th ? – would you like to eat here ? – I can produce a damned nice meal, if vego … Something simple and yummy, I reckon I can promise that. 🙂
          My email address is on the site …

        4. I’ll email you M-R. Friday 14 sounds OK but I’ll check that nothing else has been planned. I’m fine with vego 🙂

          Your comment about Dee Why made me smile. I remember on my first visit to Sydney taking a bus up to Palm Beach (about 2 hours) and being amazed that it was a ‘suburb’ of Sydney. Here 2 hours from London and you are in Yorkshire! And believe me that is NOT a suburb of London (yet)

        5. But it’s only to old farts like me that these distances have significance, Jude – because I don’t have a car.
          Commuting to Dee Why would take me at least that much time and very possibly more, now …

  2. To me, night shots are often about the atmosphere more than clarity, Jude. But then with my point and click attitude to life, I have to think that 🙂

    1. Haha, I love it! Point and click attitude to life. Had me chortling into my keyboard – good job I haven’t got a cuppa coffee in my hand. Some of my less than perfect night shots would give even you seasickness!

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