WPC: Cover Art

A different twist on the weekly photo challenge this week made me think hard about which of my images I’d choose to grace the cover of a book or album or magazine.

How about this one for an Arts Magazine?

sculpture collage

or this for a CD cover?


A Travel Book


 Or a coffee table book about Gardens

flower collage do any of these tickle your fancy?

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

72 thoughts on “WPC: Cover Art”

  1. All very good, Jude. Very enticing. Though I do think the ‘Postcards from Canada’ is slightly ‘post-Apocalypse’ looking!
    On a more personal note, I am SO glad I saw this post because I didn’t check the challenge this week. This is perfect for some blatant book promotion for ‘In Your Sights’. 😉 (I know, I have no pride. I also have no marketing budget!)

    1. Haha – a true picture though using the sepia settings. It was very bleak landscape around the Pacific Rim on that particular day – misty!

      And yes, why not publicise your book. I know others who have used this challenge to do precisely that. In fact if you so wish you could buy my Postcards of Canada book as it does actually exist (though with a more cheerful cover)

  2. Wow, we like them all very much, Jude. 👍 Each and every one is an eyecatcher with the right mood for the topics and a great idea to combine artistic artwork! You have given us lots of inspiration and fine new ideas as we now are going to have a look at a planned city close to the polish border. The sun is out and it’s getting warmer again. It’s a pity you’re not here, Siri and Selma and Klausbernd sends 😘 LOTS of love,
    A big hug, Dina 💋

    1. Thanks for the hug Dina – another grey day 😦
      I look forward to hearing about your travels in Germany (and the photos of course…)

    1. Haha, if only! Though the Canada book is published, but not for general sale, I just did it for personal use about my first trip there. And I didn’t use that cover 🙂 There are soundtracks for the Hobbit films, but the covers are a bit boring. Actually I think the orb would look lovely as a paperweight!

  3. The CD cover look beautiful Jude. Was it the shape of the reflecting surface that made you think of it as the cover for a music compilation? And what type of music were you thinking would best fit that cover?

    1. The shape drew me to a CD and something very ethereal I think, which is why I thought of The Hobbit or LoTR soundtracks.

  4. These are all beautiful Jude. I would buy them all, but the most intriguing to me is the CD cover…you have an amazing photographer’s eye 🙂

    1. Thanks Sherri – that one is created from a local walk along the Teme in winter with some strong tree reflections. The orb works best if you have a photo with things that ‘stick out’

      1. What a great idea, and it worked brilliantly. I love it. I have a blue orb in my garden, given me as a Mother’s Day present from the kids many years ago in CA. I’ll have to have a play around… 🙂

  5. Well chosen Jude, all are so appealing. I bet you had fun going through all your images to make these. I’m struggling with this weeks WPC

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