PhotoGRAPHy 101: Week 3

Pop of Colour

As you travel around the suburbs of Sydney at this time of year your eye is drawn to the pop of colour amongst the greenery. The beautiful Jacaranda tree is full of fragrant purple flowers during the spring-time.  I fell in love with this tree on first sight in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg  40 years ago.

jacaranda tree


Those who follow my blog will know that I am very keen on architecture. Old, new, entire buildings, small details – I love architectural images. So what to select from my week in Sydney? Something old? Something new? The challenge asks you consider shots that will translate well in black and white.  I think these two shots do because a) the clock has such a striking pattern and b) the modern building is practically monotone anyway. See what you think.

 Clock on the Customs House
Clock on the Customs House

old architecture (b&w)



A couple of unexpected moments occurred this week whilst out walking. Although asked to experiment with blur and movement I had no time to do that with the wren as it just literally flew in front of me – I am surprised that there isn’t more blur! As for the kookaburra he was so still that I thought at first he wasn’t real, until he turned his head to look at me.  Anyway, these were such special moments I wanted to share them with you.

A Superb Fairy-wren at Bondi Beach
A Laughing Kookaburra at Barrenjoey Beach



Today’s challenge is to look at things in a great number.  As a rule I tend to avoid places where there are a lot of people, but the streets of Sydney’s CBD are pretty busy – pedestrians AND traffic! So far I haven’t been bothered by swarms of flies. The corks are working a treat 😉 So how about a swarm of little life-savers on the beach at Dee Why? Cute eh?


A year or two ago I would not have classed myself as a landscape photographer. My main focus then was  close-up shots of flowers with the odd bit of architecture thrown in.  But I have been seeing the beauty of landscapes from other photographers whom I admire, so now and again I’ll have ‘a go’ especially when visiting the US National Parks which is where I first started to consider landscape photography.


This is Palm Beach – the location for the Aussie soap ‘Home and Away’ and the furthest most northern beach suburb of Sydney (it takes about 2 hours to reach here by bus). To get this view I had to climb up to Barrenjoey Lighthouse, 350 feet above sea level, on a rather warm day! I hope you all appreciate the efforts I go to to get a photograph! On your left is the Pacific Ocean and Palm Beach, on the right is Pittwater and Barrenjoey beach. The ocean side was very windy, the right was like bathing in bath water – well the first few feet were anyway. I wouldn’t mind living here 🙂

Well, that’s it for another week. A very warm week here I have to say, and some of my explorations have been cut short because of the extreme heat. This poor English rose has wilted badly!

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

41 thoughts on “PhotoGRAPHy 101: Week 3”

  1. Well as its cold and wet here I’m not going to feel sorry for you being hot, I’m way to jealous 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love that darling little wren and kookaburras are so cute!

    1. Cute, but damn noisy in the morning, although saying that I have only heard them once here. This morning I was woken up at 5 am by all manner of screeching things. Was like staying at my daughter’s house again 😀

  2. Oh, goody- that means I have a lighthouse photo to look forward to, Jude 🙂 Yes, I could see you being at home there.
    Great shots of the Kookaburra and I like the colour version of the clock, but it does transfer well. Most splendid of all is your header. What a powerful zap of colour that is! Explanation please? 🙂

    1. A small lighthouse, undergoing renovation I’m afraid so covered in scaffolding! And you can’t climb it Jo. Have to come back next year.
      The header comes from the side of a rhino we found at Echo Point. That’s right, a rhino.

      Rhino Art

      There were two of them and actually the other one was better painted I thought, but this one had that gorgeous outback scene which I couldn’t resist. This one is called “Spirit in the Land” by Wayne Krause (good Aussie name|) I’m guessing they were part of an art installation for Save the Rhino Day. The website I have doesn’t seem to work anymore.

      1. Did you feature these in a post, Jude? I’ve seen them somewhere but I don’t think it was you. But not the outback scene in such detail. It’s fabulous 🙂

        1. No I didn’t, but I know there were elephants in London a couple of years ago. And they auction them off – would have loved to buy one. I’m sure there was something this year in the UK too, but my brain is fried. Was going out today, but temp forecast to reach 43 so I don’t think that would be sensible. May wander down to the beach and sit under the trees and read instead.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Jude. The clock is really good in colour as well as B&W. Do you really have a hat like Crocodile Dundee? I want to see it. Beautiful landscape pic of Palm Beach! Keep cool, if you’re able. xx

    1. Thanks Sylvia – I have so many architecture photos to post, but thought the clock translated well into B&W. Glad you like it. Only kidding about the hat – no corks involved on this one, but it is still unusual for me to wear a hat at all! Even in winter it has to be really freezing or windy for me to put a hat on. Always been the same, even as a child.

      Bush Hat

  4. Lucky you with that fairy wren! Such gorgeous colours. I’ve seen a few of these little guys, but none has sat still for as long as you experienced. I’m enjoying seeing your shots of my (adopted) city, though I am puzzled by the references to the excessive heat — to me, it’s pleasant right now, not hot! 🙂

    1. Ah, you are so lucky to be acclimatised. You don’t find 35 degrees hot? I think I find the humidity worse, I don’t mind sunshine, but I hate feeling so sticky all the time.

      1. I lived my first 29 years in Canada, and I absolutely loathed being cold. Still do. But 35C is my upper limit of comfortableness, I admit. I couldn’t live somewhere like Singapore, where it’s so hot and humid. I was in Vanuatu all last week: one day, 10 of us from the resort (Eratap Beach Resort, fantastic!!!) plus the driver from the resort went to the driver’s village. I opted to walk back the 3.5km to the resort — it was 30C, humid, and in my opinion a beautiful day, but I had to fend off the concerns of a number of people who feared I would collapse en route. Ah well, we are all different, and a good thing, too! 🙂

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