WPC: Warmth


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November in Sydney and the temperatures soared to 36 degrees (and I am talking centigrade here) for almost a week.  People flocked to the beaches to bake in the warmth of the sun.

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

34 thoughts on “WPC: Warmth”

    1. I’m sure it isn’t as cold as here Meg 🙂 Snow on the Titterstones (I can just see it from the end of my lane) and a deep frost last night though today is cold it is also sunny, and I have just returned from a very short walk around the town. I don’t mind dry cold at all.

      1. Dry cold / dry heat are both easier than the moist variety, I reckon. I’m loving your place names and the seemingly infinite variety of your home town. One of the first jobs of the new year is hanging my Ludlow glass.

    1. Well I’m quite toasty – inside with the heating on 🙂 And it is a lovely sunny day today so quite nice to wrap up warm and have a walk. At least there is no danger of sunburn 😀

    1. Actually this was one of my hottest days so I was a bit hot and bothered by the time I reached this point (I was on a heritage trail through Manly) so decided to cut the walk short (my intention had been to continue to the quarantine station on the heads and then catch a bus back). Luscious mango smoothie though from the kiosk – I recommend the toasties too – they looked rather scrumptious!

    1. True – though if you look through the gallery she also appears in one of those images – too far away to see much though 😉

      I just couldn’t get over the fact that people still cook themselves like this!

    1. Well I hope I have sent you some virtual warmth Sammy 🙂
      I think you have to be very young, and very slim to get away with being topless – and who wants to bake in the sun like that anyway? Not me, give me a nice shady spot and a cool glass of wine and I am happy.

      1. No kidding – I just laughed out loud because you wrote ‘click to enlarge photo’ and the first was the hint of breasts. I thought I should hand the I-pad to Hub 😊

        I don’t think I’d have bared them even in my youth -as you say, heat on that tender skin just seemed it’d be painful.

        We have bright sunshine today before flurries tomorrow. As long as I get sunny interludes I’ll make it through January!

  1. You were a true photo-journalist, Jude – out there doing your most rewarding thang regardless of weather !
    And, of course, you always are …
    Happy memories of you, m’dear.

    1. Too kind of you M-R 😉
      This was one of those hot Sydney days, in fact the storm clouds gathered as I was taking these photos and within an hour it was actually raining!

    1. Sadly Tina I am back in the northern hemisphere now, so although my son and family still enjoy days like these, I have frosty days at the moment… 🙂

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