in the depth of winter…




1. the extent, measurement, or distance downwards, backwards, or inwards
2. the quality of being deep; deepness
3. intensity or profundity of emotion or feeling

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

40 thoughts on “in the depth of winter…”

  1. Oh, don’t! 🙂 🙂 I have to visit Meg’s via yours because you are organised and have her link in the sidebar. If I follow her comments back I end up lost in Australia 😦 I was just returning here to complain that I’m not in your sidebar when this post popped up! 🙂 Then it occurred to me that I probably don’t have you in my sidebar either, because I haven’t revised it in yonks! Horrors! Another job for when I get back 😦 I thought you were escaping the snow by going Down Under 🙂 🙂

    1. Well, to be honest Jo it hasn’t snowed here, though it has snowed not too far away. This is an old image from the really deep snow we had in 2010 in Surrey. Totally unknown for snow to linger longer than half a day there so I had to go out with the camera and grab some shots!
      As for the sidebar – the widget thingy for following blogs doesn’t allow you to sort them or change the order so they appear by the newest follows and I have been following you for yonks!! Happy now? Besides, there are worse things than being lost in Australia 😀
      Have a good weekend xx

      1. Ecstatic 🙂 🙂 You too! I have my last ‘Christmas’ meal out tonight, with the t’ai chi folks. Timing’s not great cos we’ll be up at 4 for the flight but what the heck 🙂

  2. I don’t suppose there was a huge amount of this in Capetown …
    Luverly pic but, Jude !! Definitely out of Narnia, somewhere …

      1. I can nothing BUT beauty there, Jude: I can’t see the cold or the discomfort or any of that stuff … 🙂

    1. A very dramatic snowfall Meg! Not here, but in 2010 in Surrey. So dramatic that my car was snowed in for several days, no trains on this London line link, and it was like this all over the country! And we went away for Christmas to the countryside 😕

  3. I love the way that a good B+W shot gives a timeless quality to most photos. This railway shot feels like it could have been taken many years earlier, or last week.
    Regards as always, Pete. x

  4. I like this B&W photo because it enhances the silence and eerie emptiness. As well, a memory popped up of a two-day train journey from Halifax, Nova Scotia when we arrived in Canada when I was four. ❤

    1. Very unusual to see this amount of snow in Surrey and it stopped the trains on this busy London to Portsmouth line. I was on a footbridge to take this picture and just loved those lines disappearing into the distance.

  5. Great pictoral depiction of depth with the tracks leading round the bend, Jude. But I need help in the wintry tree photo – at first I thought the red object was a person in red coat. As much as I can enlarge it, it now looks like a postal box … In the middle of nowhere (maybe where letters go to die). Please identify 😠 i do love the overall black/white with the obscure dollop of red.

    1. Are you ready for this Sammy? Hope you’re not eating.

      The red splash of colour is… a dog poo bin! Yes, I know, not what you expected (or wanted) and not a normal object to photograph, but it was because of the colour – the only colour in that monotone landscape – that I included it. Sorry!

      1. Egad – curiosity can end in sh*t!!!

        At least tell me it’s on a walking trail and you don’t scatter those pretty bins randomly in fields and woods for doggy doo whille all other creatures go bin-less!!

        What if a human is out there and needs to poo ?!?

        We have bins providing plastic bags, but people are expected to carry the bagged poo with them, not deposit in in an artful red bin 🙅

        1. Haha… no the bins are in the suburbs – this is just a large playing field – and I guess it encourages folk to clean up after their POOches 😉 Fact is that often these bins are not emptied and become a real eyesore, but better than having the plastic bags hurled up on to the trees which I have also seen 😦

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