Ancient trees and the Spanish Armada

One of the loveliest things about visiting Croft Castle in Herefordshire is to see the many ancient trees planted there. Majestic chestnuts and oaks some going back hundreds of years.


A story tells that sweet chestnuts were taken from captured Spanish ships and planted at Croft between 1580 and 1680. The avenue is said to represent the formal battle plan of the Spanish Armada with rows of chestnuts representing the Spanish ships and oaks the English. This was the original formal approach to the castle.


The Spanish chestnut Avenue at Croft Castle, Herefordshire is an avenue of pollarded sweet chestnuts (Castanea sativa) stretching for 1km to the west of the castle.




An avenue of Limes are also impressive, though these are much younger and there is also an orchard of Hawthorns, thought to be root stock of fruit trees that have since died.


If you want to see these majestic trees then follow the green trail.

If you enjoy a walk, long or short, then have a look at Jo’s site where you are welcome to join in.

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    1. I love that avenue, still a bit green on this day and since then we have had wet and windy weather so I’ll probably miss the golden stage this year.

  1. What a great day you chose to visit ! The old oaks and chestnut specimens are just monumental . My day in Spring turned out the greyest of days but the carpet of snowdrops was a lovely sight !

  2. I would love to walk this trail, how beautiful these photos Jude. Fascinating history about the Spanish Armada too. Herefordshire is a place hubby and I hope to explore much more of and soon 🙂 xx

    1. It is a very pretty county, very rural with the lovely black and white villages. Can’t say I am fond of Hereford though. You planning a holiday this way?

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