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Some of you following this blog may remember my Post Boxes. Whilst searching through the digital shoebox for something else I came across this little beauty in The Rocks, Sydney, Australia

sydney - the rocks (2)

This post box is made by Bubb and Sons Victoria Foundry. The first street posting boxes were cast in bronze by the Bubb & Sons foundry at Pyrmont in 1856.

sydney - the rocks (3)

Robert Bubb, born 23 June 1805 in Avening, Gloucestershire, England, migrated to Australia and established a foundry in Sydney. Victoria Iron Foundry was located at 10 Victoria Place, Sydney (the firm is listed in the Sands Directory until 1880).

sydney - the rocks (1)
These boxes were designed by T. W. Levinge of the New South Wales Postmaster General’s Department and initially manufactured by Robert Bubb and Son of Pyrmont. The boxes were in the style of the Penfold boxes with the Acanthus leaves and bud at the top. Note this one has a vertical aperture so probably one of the earlier designs.

Apparently there is another one in the Rocks district on Hickson Street which is dated to the 1880’s-1890’s with a horizontal aperture and still in use. Other Bubb mailboxes can be found in Sydney suburbs such as Manly and Marrickville. So you Aussies out there see if you can spot one for me!

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35 thoughts on “An Aussie Post Box”

  1. Fascinating Jude! I have never seen any such post boxes in Perth but maybe there are some in the older suburbs. Will let you know if I ever come across any! We spent the day in Fremantle as our younger daughter has just arrived for Christmas from London and we went out for lunch down there. It’s been an unusually cool December – unlike the rest of the country Perth and the South West corner has been experiencing below average temperatures. The Freo Doctor was blowing up a storm today – the winds have been really strong in recent weeks here! I think it’s due to warm up next week in time for Christmas 🙂

    1. I noticed my son and his partner wearing sweaters on a photo by the beach a week ago. Your cool is still better than our warm, although it is exceptionally warm here still! Have a great Christmas with the family 🙂

  2. >So you Aussies out there see if you can spot one for me!
    Challenge accepted! And I see you have suitably seasonal decorations in the background of this photo, a nice touch.

    1. Woo hoo, I found one yesterday! I was up in the Blue Mountains, escaping the new year madness in Sydney. Standing around at Echo Point in Katoomba (where the Three Sisters are), waiting for the bus, gazing around … there it was! “JR Bubb Victoria Foundry Sydney”, vertical slot, Acanthus leaves and bud at the top. 🙂

  3. I stumbled across one in Tamworth, Peel St. I remember the pillar boxes in the Old Country but this is the first time I have seen anything like this since moving to Adelaide 20 years ago. Doubly fascinated as I work for a foundry. Thanks for the history. Shame they’re not still around as I would have sent them the picture for their archives.

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