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Paula’s black and white Sunday this week is all about Diagonals. In photography there are many ways to compose an image. Line, shape, and form are three building blocks to add depth and interest to your photos. This week Paula wants us to look at the way leading lines – whether intentional or accidental or man-made or natural – draw your eye through a photograph.


I was looking through my recent beach photos, not a subject I’d normally select for black and white photography, when I noticed how many shots use the effect of shooting on the diagonal, to draw the viewer into the picture. Have a look and see if you agree.

(Above) I used the softly curving waves to draw the eye along the beach – these are always at a natural diagonal.

(Below) Paths, boardwalks, fencing are all man-made, but position yourself in the right spot and the eye is drawn along the perimeter into the distance. In the first image the direction of the fence post shadows also lead you along the path.


and in these two the fence takes you over the undulating dunes.

Please visit Paula to see other representations of this week’s challenge.

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

63 thoughts on “Leading lines…”

    1. Just the three – this one mainly for photo challenges at the moment until I go travelling again! The flower blog and the new Cornwall blog. I think you follow all three 😀

        1. Only definite plan is Essex in September (wedding) followed by a slow trip up the east coast to Edinburgh. Oh, and New York in October for daughter’s 40th birthday, but we still have to book that one!

      1. I did one last year for the first time and it just looked like a shot from another time, I really liked it. I always try it now when I take shots of the beach. Very good when people are in the shot too – gives that vintage feel.

        1. I agree, people in the frame helps. Actually all the photos of me on the beach as a baby and child are in black and white!

        2. Ah, but you are probably 30 years younger than me! My world was black and white until I was a teenager 😉

  1. Jude as I read through the responses and to Sylvia that it just comes naturally. These images leave me feeling very peaceful as if I was walking beside you and yes you just gently pulled out your camera and captured the moment.

    1. Had to do something whilst the granddaughters were body-boarding in the surf. I am not a ‘lie-on-the-beach’ person so wandered along the shoreline looking for reflections and views. And I always love a good boardwalk meandering through the dunes. Fortunate that they seemed made for Paula’s challenge 🙂

  2. Crystal clear, with reflections on the sand and a lighthouse too! All the sweeties in one bag 🙂 I love that one. NYC will be an experience. 🙂

    1. I love this beach and it is only a 15 minute drive from me. Supposed to be orchids in the dunes too so I must see how to get onto them. At this point they are fenced off as you can see.

      1. I saw a couple of orchids this morning. Bit damp they were and it’s a wonder I didn’t fall off the cliff top in the fog. 🙂 You can take me to that one when I finally get down there.

        1. You have the fog too? Must be over the entire country – I see there was very little tennis at Queens. Gave up and went supermarket shopping! OH’s daughter and fiance arrive tomorrow, I do hope they get some sunshine this week.

  3. Beautiful pictures and places I would love to visit. Lines are so important in pictures. My dad always told me to frame pictures with something, but the lines bring that same level of added dimension into the pictures. 🙂

      1. Yes, he was, but your statement, which I copied into my journal to use in a later post, is great advice. “In photography there are many ways to compose an image. Line, shape, and form are three building blocks to add depth and interest to your photos.”

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