Norwich Cathedral Part II: Interior

I said in my previous post that the exterior of this cathedral wasn’t that impressive. Mainly because it is so difficult to see the complete building. However, inside is another story. It is incredibly beautiful with wonderful windows, arches, bosses and oozing with history. With so many nooks and crannies it would take far longer than my couple of hours to explore. But here are some of my highlights:


The entrance to the cathedral is through the Hostry, the new visitor and education centre, built on the foundations of the medieval Hostry where guests would have been welcomed into the Benedictine monastery.

The brightly burnished copper font was formerly used in a Norwich chocolate factory.

The Jesus Chapel is decorated with the kind of wall painting that may once have covered most of the building.

Floor details in the chapels.

An effigy of St Felix who brought Christianity to East Anglia.


And the beautiful colours streaming in the north transept from the exquisite stained-glass ‘Masterpiece’ windows by John McLean.

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16 thoughts on “Norwich Cathedral Part II: Interior”

  1. Absolutely beautiful Jude. I love the shiny font, it reminds me of my auntie who used to polish everything like mad to deal with her life’s frustrations. You left the best until last, the light from the stained glass is gorgeous. Thank you, now I’m going to have to show you around Exeter’s!

    1. There are a few more of the cathedral – too much to show in one post, but I would love to see Exeter’s – that’s one I still have on my to see list.

    1. We missed some of it too as it was rather busy (rainy day) and there was an orchestra rehearsal. I do like to see a church being used though, other than for services.

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