Historic Uphill Lincoln

Our arrival in Lincoln was rather fraught, after a road closure in the centre of town disrupted our route to the Castle Hotel up in the Cathedral Quarter. Fortunately the SatNav (AKA  Florence II ) got us out of difficulty and we arrived in plenty of time to have a stroll around the neighbourhood and choose a restaurant for the evening.

The Castle Hotel

From directly outside the hotel, where we had booked a ground floor room in the former stables block, we had a glimpse of both the cathedral and the castle.

Castle walls
Castle walls

And a five minute stroll took us to Exchequer Gate (header image) and Castle Hill the medieval space which forms the setting across which the Cathedral and Castle face each other, dating from 1072 and 1068 respectively.

There is something I find so appealing about towns and cities where the streets have names such as Bailgate, Eastgate, Westgate, Pottergate, Michaelgate; you just know you are in a place steeped in history.

High up above the town centre, this area (uphill Lincoln) is full of old houses, interesting independent speciality shops, pubs, restaurants, cobbled streets and quirky buildings. An area known for its village atmosphere. On this beautifully sunny September day, dressed with bunting, it was perfect.

Newport Arch on Bailgate

Newport arch is a †3C Roman north gateway, which was part re-built in the Medieval period; originally the North Gate of the Roman walled city, now the only surviving Roman gateway in Britain still used by traffic. Bailgate is the most historic part of Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter.

Bailgate Chapel
County Assembly rooms

We ventured a little way down Steep Hill (aptly named), but had no desire to reach the bottom, nor to have to walk back up. We didn’t stroll far. Just enough to take in the ambience of the place and to choose where we would eat that night. Brown’s pie shop. And one of the best steak and ale pies I have ever eaten, in a tiny café at the top of Steep Hill where the waitress had to go up and down steep stairs to the kitchen.

Instead we turned around and had a look at the cathedral, now resplendent in the golden evening sunlight.

Lincoln Cathedral
Lincoln Cathedral

And took a stroll around the Minster Yard before returning to the hotel for a G&T then heading off to dinner.


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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

47 thoughts on “Historic Uphill Lincoln”

  1. SO MUCH HISTORY!!!! Your posts like these always make my jaw drop. 1072! 1068! … and the Roman gates, and those wonderful buildings with chimneys containing multiple stacks, and that clock restoration place. I would totally want to go in there!
    You’re killing me here, Jude 😉

    1. Sorry Jo! As I have mentioned before, this was quite a ‘history’ trip and we are only half way! Anyway lots of ideas for you if you ever get over here again.

  2. Jude, I can almost feel the history seeping out of my computer screen. What a gorgeous place to explore. You did have a beautiful view from your accommodation. Don’t you love GPS!! I bought a Navman before our trip to England last year and it was fantastic. I named her Mrs Navman – she was so patient and forgiving when we didn’t listen to her or weren’t fast enough and she got us out of trouble many times.

    1. Mine loves to take me down the narrowest of lanes! But on this occasion she did help as I kept missing the turn and on a one-way system we were soon lost!

      1. Ours took us on a very precarious road to our Airbnb near Carnforth. The next time we ignored her and she sent us on a much better route. Those narrow one way stone bridges just don’t do it for me when we’re driving a hire car!

        1. I hate reversing my car so single tracks are a real pain, and most of the time you can’t see that treacherous granite wall hiding beneath the foliage!

        2. We think next time we come to UK we’re going to buy Brit Rail passes and choose a circuit of cities in which to base ourselves. Your public transport is so good, we could do much of our travel that way and just hire a car if we want one for a day or two.

  3. Wonderful photos! Arrived here through Jo’s walks. I love Lincoln. Haven’t been there for years but it reminds me of family days out… and I have memories of pushing an older family member back up Steep Hill 😉

    1. Glad you enjoyed the visit Lisa. I wouldn’t have wanted to push anyone up that hill! We were quite happy exploring the top part.

  4. Beautiful and interesting looking place. And so much history to take in. It looks like you had some great weather for your visit. I like the bricked roads. They add a certain charm and character.

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