Uphill Lincoln at Night

Given that the cathedral quarter is lit at night it seemed a perfect opportunity to grab some night shots. A full moon helped too.


Bailgate was very quiet at 9 p.m. on a Sunday night.

and the golden towers of the cathedral were clearly visible.

Exchequer Gate and Cathedral
Castle Gate and Cannon
Castle Gate and Cannon

The details of the cathedral’s west front were highlighted in golden-yellow light.

Whereas the south side was more in darkness and shadow.

South Transept
Exchequer Gate
Exchequer Gate

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19 thoughts on “Uphill Lincoln at Night”

    1. No tripod, I keep saying I will start using one, but I feel a bit daft carrying one around in a town centre! I do have a very fast lens on the camera though it is a 45mm fixed lens so I have to decide what I can include in the shot.

  1. I love night shots and that golden yellow is very appealing. I’m hoping to get a couple of nice ones in Florence but I’ll have to rely on luck and my little friend. 🙂

  2. I found this old post still sitting unread in my mailbox. I guess better late than never 😉

    There is something both mysterious and magical about a scene set in darkness compared to daylight. It’s made even better by the empty streets 🙂

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