Almost A Black and White Sunday

Coalport is a village in Shropshire, England. It is located on the River Severn in the Ironbridge Gorge, a mile downstream of Ironbridge. It lies predominantly on the north bank of the river; on the other side is Jackfield. The Coalport porcelain manufactory (or Coalport China), the first porcelain factory in the Ironbridge Gorge, England, was founded by the practical and enterprising John Rose in 1795.

There is a lovely china museum here, one of several museums in this former industrial Ironbridge Gorge.

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

26 thoughts on “Almost A Black and White Sunday”

  1. Such a horrible name, Jude, but I would love to visit the china factory. It’s another of those ugly beauties Sue will love. Happy Sunday to you all! Big dark clouds looming here but I think we’ll still head for the salt marshes. 🙂 🙂

    1. I’ll have to post another one with the bottle kiln. It is an interesting place and a lovely walk from the iron bridge – you’d like it 😀 Watching the Davis Cup at the moment but may pop out for a short walk on Godrevy. I have read they do good hot chocolate in the café there 😀

        1. We lost 😦
          but some good matches and the newcomer Cameron Norrie was excellent. Inglot didn’t play well in the doubles which they lost.

  2. And another blast from my past, Jude. Many moons ago I ran an archaeology project (job creation scheme) in the room behind the lower window. We were sorting all the waste shards that had been excavated just beyond the bottle kiln – mostly blue and white chinoiserie and drawing the different patterns. It was a blooming cold place to work too, and a very daft project.

  3. ooh how strange I’ve shared an Ironbridge Gorge building today too! We never got to Coalport last summer, but hope to this year.

  4. Coalport – not the most imaginative name, but probably descriptive of the activity at the time. Nice processing. I think a duotone processing with sepia and black would be interesting for this photo.

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