Time x Square

Time for another square month hosted by the lovely Becky. The photos don’t necessarily have to be of a timepiece, but are open to interpretation to reflect time in some way, or sayings such as ‘the passing of time’, ‘a stitch in time’, or time running away from you.

Day 18: Iconic Projected Clock

In 1683, the Guildhall in Guildford, Surrey was refurbished, which included the addition of a council chamber, a balcony over the street and a bell turret. The clock is supposed to have been presented to the Council by a London clockmaker, John Aylward, who presented the projecting clock to the Corporation of Guildford in return for freedom to trade in the borough.

To join in with the Squares challenge please visit Becky for instructions. Remember the only proper rule is that the photo must be SQUARE.

December Squares | Day Eighteen

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34 thoughts on “Time x Square”

    1. That’s what I was going to say, but it has taken until now with Jude’s lovely post for me to know anything about it. Never asked when I lived in Guildford!

    1. When did you live in Guildford? We have a couple of walking friends who’ve just gone home there for Christmas. Small world 🙂 🙂

        1. You must have left just before we got there in 2004. Not Guildford exactly though our nearest main town, but Headley Down and then Haslemere.

        2. Mine too! I loved living there as it was only 45 minutes to my daughter and grandchildren and 30 minutes to RHS Wisley. What I didn’t like was my job 😦
          We moved in 2011 back to Shropshire in order to support my M-i-L.

  1. That’s very unusual. You wouldn’t want a double decker bus to go barreling past in a hurry and clean it up. I wonder if the clockmaker got enough business to make his investment worthwhile.

    1. It’s actually pretty high up above the street which could be pedestrianised except for loading. Not sure on that, but people seem to be walking in the ‘road’.

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