We are living through a very strange period in our lives. One that affects us all. No matter where we live or who we are. A time when we are isolated like as never before. When life is reduced to the simple pleasures. Uncomplicated. Free from excesses and distractions.

Patti’s challenge got me thinking about what this means to me. I live at the best of times in isolation, although I don’t live on my own, but I enjoy my own company and I am never bored even though it would seem to others that I do nothing.

It’s not that I am anti-social, I am just very self-contained. And I have the time to enjoy the simple things in life and appreciate what is around me.

Preferably in the natural world. Trees, water, rocks, views. Although I can and do enjoy a city visit now and then as long as I can find a peaceful place to recharge my batteries. And not just those of the camera.

I don’t need much in life. I am happiest when wandering somewhere, anywhere, where I can disappear unnoticed with my camera in hand.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #91 | Simplicity

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

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  1. I can relate to being self-contained, and I enjoy my own company. Having said that I do miss my weekly outings and generally being annoyed by other humans. Perhaps, this will be the start of us all taking life’s journey simpler? I am tending to turn away chatting about what’s going on as it gets a bit too much.

  2. I’ve been thinking the same thing. For us, not much is different. We have always enjoyed being at home and we always have plenty to do. I would never get bored at home. Perhaps we’re the fortunate ones.

    1. I think it is essential that you don’t have to justify how you fill in the time. I can idle away hours simply pottering around the garden, or drifting off into idle thoughts whilst listening to the birds. I’m lucky that I have no need for a routine anymore. And nor would I want to be tied to one.

  3. Beautiful words, and am very thankful that I also enjoy self containment. Makes such a difference in these times. Take care Jude xx

    1. It certainly does. I’m not missing out on anything except visiting the library, and shopping is a little weird right now, but almost a pleasure to wander a virtually empty store that now at least isn’t short on most items – except flour!

        1. Not a big deal, there is plenty of bread and I don’t bake any more. I just like to make the occasional pizza.

  4. I’m not a gregarious person by nature. I hate things like parties, but I do miss being able to meet up in person with maybe a couple of friends for dinner, or even just coffee. I also miss the camaraderie of my volunteer job two mornings a week. I’m not bored and I can entertain myself – but I could do without the constant, nagging worry.

      1. Me neither. I don’t feel in any particular personal danger because we are being sensible (though obviously none of us is completely free of risk), but my mum is isolated and not doing well mentally and I feel awful not being able to help more.

        1. We have done a couple of times to take shopping, but it’s almost half an hour’s drive and although I think I’m covered by the care of a vulnerable person exemption I don’t want to push my luck! It’s not easy either because Mum’s deaf and finds it cold with the back door open so shouting from 6 feet away doesn’t make for the best conversation. We tried FaceTime but she couldn’t get the hang of that so a daily phone call it has to be.

        2. You certainly should be covered, but I can see how frustrating it must be, and bewildering for her too. Phone calls are good.

  5. Nearly missed this one too! What are you playing at? Maybe it’s because your Photo Challenge comes up first if I don’t come via a link. Yes… I’m getting to that as well! Possibly tomorrow but I’m trying to wrap it around one of Becky’s and still have enough hours left in the day… know what I’m saying? Lecturing over, this is a beautiful post, Jude, and gregarious though I might be, when it suits, I do concur. 🙂 🙂 Sorry for Anabel, with her Mum situation though. And the angst gets us all at times. Where exactly this will end…? How is A, by the way?

    1. Ah, yes the photo challenge is made sticky so it shows up first. I have changed that. I seem to be getting behind in reading blogs and answering comments! No idea where time gets to! You must be finding this rather more frustrating than me as you do go out an awful lot with your various activities. Hopefully you are finding pleasure in simply relaxing – I know that is an alien concept for you 🙃

        1. Still in pain? Tried a heat pad? Ibruprofen?
          Rather glorious here – Fuchsia to repot and flowers to photograph for tomorrow’s post. Chin up! 🤗

  6. Beautiful images and lovely thoughts, Jude. I admire your ability to be content in solitude and find joy in simplicity. We can learn so much from both practices!

    1. I guess I learned to be self-contained and resilient through being a single parent for many years, having to fend for myself so’s to speak. Never had the money to go out much. And I have moved a lot so never built up friendship groups like so many people do. You just adapt to what life throws at you “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” 😊

  7. ‘I am never bored even though it would seem to others that I do nothing’ sums up me too, although I am not sure I could have found the courage to write it down. Reading your comments makes me think blogging attracts people who like to think, who find busyness in thinking. However, I find being rather self contained in a world going on quite nicely without me is different to sensing everything in a state of near collapse.

    1. Just do what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t change. The good old Serenity Prayer works for me (I hasten to add I am neither religious nor alcoholic but there was a time when this mantra was very important to me and taught me a valuable lesson in life).

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