i love beach huts

I have a bit of a thing about beach huts. I remember seeing them at the seaside near Mablethorpe when I was a little girl and wishing we had one in which to change into our swimming costumes or get dressed out of the wind and somewhere to boil the kettle for a cuppa. I envied people who had one.

And then when I lived in Cape Town in South Africa there were clusters of brightly coloured ones on the False Bay beach which provided shelter from the wind as it blew in every afternoon. They are an icon now and even used in fashion shoots.


But these particular beach huts are located in West Wittering, West Sussex. I was there last week, but not in the 34° heat of Thursday and Friday. No, my visit was on the very blustery and cooler Saturday. We set off in the pouring rain, but according to the weather app it was supposed to clear at 11 am.

We arrived in the pre-booked and pre-paid for car park at 10:56 just as the clouds broke and the rain stopped.

But is was very windy. Look carefully at these images and you might just be able to see how much the sand is blowing around. And how likely it is that some of these huts will be buried if someone doesn’t get a digger out soon!

Despite the wind my granddaughters went for a dip in the rough waves. And we all went for a walk around the headland, though it was hard going at times. And cutting through the dunes and along the boardwalk we were rewarded by seeing lovely coastal flowers.

I was still crunching on sand two days later.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #104 | Summer

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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

64 thoughts on “i love beach huts”

  1. Lovely brightly coloured huts, Jude. Beautifully captured. Thank you for sharing your happy summertime with us. 🙂

  2. Oh I love your little beach huts Jude – so colorful! We don’t have them here so they’re a special treat for me. On the other hand our sea gets quite warm and gentle in the summer so it’s an easy swim for those who enjoy that. I’m partial to swimming pools myself, especially if you have a view of the ocean at the same time. Don’t like the taste of salt water nor the idea that I’m sharing the swim with unseen creatures LOL!

  3. I love beach huts; they are such a novelty for a Kiwi kid!! I confess I never managed to visit a British beach when the sun was shining, so the huts seemed essential. I’ve never seen them built in the middle of the beach before — I imagine they need huge maintenance.

  4. I just read Su’s comment and yes they were a novelty for us Kiwi kids 🙂 I thought they were so cute and very practical for the UK. Not so much for our hotter summers.

    1. Well the ones in South Africa were very useful for changing into your swimmers (not that we owned one), but also for shielding you from the sand blowing around! They weren’t always in a long line like the photo on here shows, they used to be clustered into groups.

      1. True, as a changing room they would be perfect. I was just thinking they could get quite hot sitting in them.

    1. Could have done without the wind! But it was a lovely walk around the headland and for the south coast it is a very natural habitat on Chichester harbour.

  5. I first encountered beach huts a few years ago while in Austria. I loved them and immediately recognized their practicality. Yes, if I lived near a seaside beach, I too would want one, staring longingly at those lucky enough to have one!

    … now, if only they also came with indoor plumbing 😉

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