Thursday’s Special

Paula (Lost in Translation) has developed a liking for the unfocused in photography. I must confess that this is something that I didn’t like myself several years ago, but like her I have become attracted to blurred backgrounds, bokeh, tilt and shift experimentation and creating movement.


This was an accidental photo – I was going for the vibrancy of the artwork on the security shutters of this shop in Barcelona. A couple of years ago I would have binned this shot, but now I love the movement of the passers-by and especially the pink and blue suitcases that match colours in the painting. Hope you love them too!

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

For this week’s photo challenge, share your interpretation of “on the move.”

If you would like to see what others have come up with for this challenge then go to the Daily Post @ WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

It’s not often you see a pedicab in England, the one above is taken in the Quarry, Shrewsbury.

Or if you want to do the work yourself why not hire a multicycle? Though it could prove difficult if you have a couple of back-seat drivers 🙂