Painting St Ives

All these images were taken through the windows of the café located on the roof of the Tate, St Ives. A slight glass distortion effect has been applied. The reflections are original 🙂

Porthmeor Beach and St Nicholas Chapel
Porthmeor Beach and St Nicholas Chapel
St Ives Harbour and Bay
St Ives Bay and Smeaton’s Pier
St Ives Bay and Wild flowers
St Ives Bay and Wild flowers

Gilly of Lucid Gypsy posted similar images from her recent visit to St Ives. I’m beginning to get the glimmer of an idea for a challenge here.

WPC: Vivid

st ives
St Ives Harbour Beach
  1. producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.
    memories of that evening were still vivid”
  2. (of a colour) intensely deep or bright.
    the rhododendron bush provides a vivid splash of mauve”

    I could have gone for a vivid flower for this week’s challenge, as I have seen quite a few this week, but this shot, taken today (Friday 5 June) in St Ives seemed to fit the challenge in more ways than one. Powerful feelings – so much going on in this photograph and intense colours – reds, blues, yellows, not to mention that sky.

    I’m a huge fan of LD’s work the host of this weeks photo challenge and his wonderful street photography, but to see his work in colour you must take a look at the way he visualises the VIVID festival of Sydney, Australia. Simply the best…

Cornish Harbours

It’s hard not to fall in love with Cornwall where a magnificent coastline wraps itself around 300 miles of diverse landscapes. The big skies and wilderness of Bodmin Moor to the north with walking trails and prehistoric remains, further south the sun turns the sea turquoise and the land is scattered with Bronze age standing stones and Celtic crosses where the natural light is so blinding. In the west there is a special art scene and Cornwall is becoming a real foodie heaven with top-class chefs producing gourmet menus, daily offerings of fresh fish and seafood and local produce such as cheeses, wine and meat widely available from delicatessens, farmers’ markets and roadside stalls, not to mention Cornish pasties and well-loved clotted cream teas. Continue reading Cornish Harbours