Life in Colour

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This month we will be looking for orange. One of the most vibrant colours, orange is zingy and fresh. It’s a warm colour, friendly and inviting. Soft at dawn, but louder at sunset. From the palest of peaches and apricots through to copper, rust, salmon-pink and terracotta, the range of orange shades in the natural world is phenomenal.

Pots in the potting shed

I am a huge fan of terracotta (Italian: “baked earth”) pots, although they don’t always survive a harsh winter or a slight tumble. The colour of terracotta can vary from a hue that ranges through reds, oranges, yellows, and even pinks due to how the iron content in terracotta’s clay body reacts with oxygen.

I’d love to have one of these large Italian urns for my garden.


And if you look up at some of the older properties you might spy a terracotta chimney pot or two.

Chimney Pots
Chimney Pots
Can you find any Terracotta?



Immediately I read the word ‘container‘ I think of plants – in pots. As someone who only has a container ‘garden‘ I am always on the lookout for ways in which to grow such plants and the type of containers used. A glasshouse, is of course, a container too since its job is to contain plants that otherwise would not survive outdoors.

 Old Terracotta Pots are my favourite


and in some gardens you find ornate urns which would suit the style of my home, but sadly they are too big


Plastic pots and seed trays are invaluable to the gardener


and sometimes people use the most unusual containers


or what about this lion-guarded bowl of thyme in the Herb Garden at Sissinghurst Castle Garden?

DSCF2425-cutoutDo you have any preference?