The Super Sweet Blogging Award

super-sweet-blogging-award21w6451As a very new blogger I was very touched to be nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award by my new friend in Atlantic Canada, Jane Fritz of Robby Robin’s Journey, who not only writes thought-provoking blogs, but also is a very talented children’s author of Robby Stories. I think I first stumbled upon Jane’s musings when I came across her story about her trip to South Africa in 1971. As I lived in South Africa during the mid 70s to 80s I was immediately attracted to her blog and her style. I liked it. She stimulates my brain cells and that’s good. I hope you will take a look too.

Anyway, as this is really a site about travel I was wondering how I could link travel to the rules of acceptance, which are below. Then I realised that a lot of my travel blogs are about the food and wine I enjoy on my travels so it’s really not so hard.

The Rules for accepting your nomination:

  • Thank the Super Sweet Blogger who awarded
  • Answer five Super Sweet questions.
  • Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award image in your blog post.
  • Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) other bloggers, or half a baker’s dozen (7) if 13 seems like a lot.
  • Notify your nominees on their blog.

The Five Super Sweet Questions:

  1. Cookies or Cake?
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla?
  3. Favourite Sweet Treat?
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most?
  5. Sweet nickname?
A chocolate sundae from Boschendal, Nr Cape Town
  1. Cake always. Carrot cake from Hell’s Mouth Café, Cornwall; Coffee and walnut cake from any National Trust tearoom; fresh cream meringues from our local De Grey’s bakery. I could go on but I’m starting to drool.
  2. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate… I even love the smell of chocolate cosmos – that’s a flower by the way.
  3. One of those meringues or if I can be bothered to make them, flour free American chocolate brownies that melt in the mouth. Yum!
  4. Evening. But thank goodness the bakery is closed then. A nice glass of classic Shiraz/Syrah wine with generous flavours of plum and raspberry with a hint of deep chocolate and liquorice notes from South Africa or Australia, or maybe a Merlot with hints of peppermint from Argentina… mmm thank goodness for wine!
  5. I used to call my daughter ‘Jenny Wren’ when she was small (her name is Genevieve) and then I met my second husband who owned a yacht called the Jenny Wren which took part in the Cape to Rio race.

Now for the nominees:

As I said I have only been blogging for a short while so I haven’t had much time to build up a relationship with many bloggers. However I have an interest in photography as well as the travel writing so I also have a few photoblogs. My sweet nominees are a mix of travel writers, photographers and people who interest me. Oh, and funnily enough a lot of them live in places that I’d like to… surf couching anyone?

  1. A Word in Your Ear – Sue Llewellyn who posts the wonderful ‘A Word a Week Photo Challenge’ which is such fun to join in with. She also lives in Australia (so I am very jealous of her) and she has some quirky travel posts on her site.
  2. Margaret’s Miscellany – a native New Mexican living in the Pacific Northwest who blogs about her travels and a random assortment of likes and dislikes. I really enjoy her entries in the Daily Post’s ‘Weekly Photo Challenge’
  3. Where’s My Backpack – from Ailsa, another intrepid traveller who takes you along on her road trips and also provides another excuse for digging out those old forgotten photographs when she poses her ‘Weekly Travel Theme’ every Friday.
  4. Rosemarie in Europe 2013 – is someone else who went travelling in the 1970s and caught the travel bug. Now a keen hiker, at 65 Rosemarie is returning to Europe. This blog is a record of that adventure and I for one want to find out how it goes.
  5. Across the bored – who describes himself/herself as ‘old enough to rant, too old to rave, yet sufficiently young enough to forge a path into the future’. A  philosophy I can go along with. On this blog you will find interesting photos and yet another challenge in the form of ‘Two Cents Tuesday Challenge’
  6. The Earth Beneath My Feet – a former journalist who lives on the tip of Africa and shares with us the hidden secrets of  the Cape in photos and words. A good read.
  7. Taking One Day at a Time – a photography project for 2013 from Sarah. If you like flowers and cats, then this one is for you! Pixel is a real sweetie.

Once again thanks to Jane, and I hope that I have managed to incorporate travel elements in this award. It certainly challenged me!


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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

7 thoughts on “The Super Sweet Blogging Award”

  1. Thank you for the lovely nomination – I will go out and celebrate with something chocolate (or look for a fabulous pair of shoes – there’s a gender clue for you)!

  2. Mmm, coffee and walnut cake, you just brought back some sweet memories! What a coincidence with the nickname Jenny Wren, I love it! Thanks so much for the nomination, and congrats on your award! xxx Ailsa

    1. Thank you Ailsa. And thank you for all your travel themes, they certainly make me dip into my back catalogues!

  3. Thank you so much for the award. Your blog is a treat to read and you are very obviously passionate about South Africa, and the tip of the continent where I live 🙂 I bought Cape Gooseberry and Ginger jam from Hillcrest Berry Orchards in Stellenbosch to celebrate xxx

    1. Oh I love ginger jams! We get some really good rhubarb and ginger here, but gooseberry and ginger – I am so..oo jealous!

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