Life in Colour

To find out more about this year’s photo challenge here on Travel Words, please read this post.

This month we will be looking for orange. One of the most vibrant colours, orange is zingy and fresh. It’s a warm colour, friendly and inviting. Soft at dawn, but louder at sunset. From the palest of peaches and apricots through to copper, rust, salmon-pink and terracotta, the range of orange shades in the natural world is phenomenal.

Fresh tomatoes hanging from metal hooks on a market stall, La Boqueria (Mercat de Sant Josep) located at La Rambla, Barcelona
do You Have any orange Food or Drink?

One Day One World Project: 09:00 – 10:00

the food market

A food and drink festival is held in Ludlow twice a year. In spring and autumn. In addition a regular outdoor market is held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; a local produce market twice a month on a Thursday and sometimes there is a craft market on a Sunday. I have posted some of the window displays for the festivals, now let’s take a look at some of the stalls:



I quite like a “Mojito” cocktail. Preferably in a glass.

Sausages, Sausage Rolls and Pies


Even those delightful heart-shaped boards can be bought from the market.


Plenty of eggs to go around.

Jams and Preserves


and with so many jams and chutneys you are spoiled for choice.

…so many other delights


So drink up…

buy British…


and your local market!

Lisa of the blog NorthWest Frame of Mind has decided to run a different project over the next 24 weeks. To try to show what is happening in different parts of the world (if you all join in) at a particular time of day. If you would like to participate you have until next Saturday midnight to post a photo or write about what is happening in your part of the world.   This week is between 09:00 – 10:00.  I hope you’ll join in! See links for more details.

The Super Sweet Blogging Award

super-sweet-blogging-award21w6451As a very new blogger I was very touched to be nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award by my new friend in Atlantic Canada, Jane Fritz of Robby Robin’s Journey, who not only writes thought-provoking blogs, but also is a very talented children’s author of Robby Stories. I think I first stumbled upon Jane’s musings when I came across her story about her trip to South Africa in 1971. As I lived in South Africa during the mid 70s to 80s I was immediately attracted to her blog and her style. I liked it. She stimulates my brain cells and that’s good. I hope you will take a look too. Continue reading The Super Sweet Blogging Award