North Norfolk Churches: St Peter’s of Great Walsingham

St Peter’s of Great Walsingham is one of the finest examples of an unspoilt Decorated Church built between 1330 – 1340 with a square tower. The noticeable clerestory, made out of quadrefoil windows above the wide aisles, add lots of light to the interior of the church which has an almost square footprint due to the chancel being destroyed. The chancel arch has been bricked in with a couple of windows added. The font is original but has a strongly painted canopy that is probably Jacobean.

The 15th century Poppy Head pews, which depict floral designs, animals, saints, angels and townsfolk are well worth careful study. These benches are one of the finest complete sets in Norfolk.

back of pews

poppy head 1

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24 thoughts on “North Norfolk Churches: St Peter’s of Great Walsingham”

  1. Great Walsingham is literally a ‘great’ place to visit, and doesn’t deserve to be so regularly overshadowed by its better-known neighbour. Nice set of the church Jude. Did you take any of the ford, or the cottages, I wonder? Regards as always, Pete. x

    1. Hi Pete, yes I took some photos of the ford and some of the cottages – will see if I can manage to write another post about the village. The Orthodox church is quite something too!

  2. The sky in that first picture of the church is particularly stunning but all these photos are just wonderful! Do you ever draw/paint from your pics?

    1. Thanks Jenny. The weather was rather unpredictable that day, one minute blue skies, the next glowering clouds, though we escaped any rain. In answer to your question, no I don’t draw or paint, but I have been thinking about having a go. I think some of these scenes would look particularly good as a pencil sketch – or maybe I’ll have a go transforming the images with photo editing software.

        1. Partridge was marvellous on TV. He really put Norfolk on the map, though not always in a good way! I only have to think of the motel, and I start to grin. Good call mrscarmichael! Regards, Pete.

  3. How lovely to be inside this church again, Jude! 🙂 I had such an nice encounter with a visiting clergyman in this church, we talked for ages and it’s a shame to say, I don’t remember that much about the church itself. Except that the bookshelves where uninteresting. Whenever I visit a church in England, I immediately look out for the books for sale. 🙂
    I’m off to North Norfolk now,
    have a great time

  4. What a beautiful church and you’ve captured everything so great Jude. Love the carvings on the benches. Exquisite! Thanks for sharing. 😀

  5. Those benches look fabulous, Jude. I’d love a closer look.
    The chapel in Durham Castle has some fascinating benches too, but you’re not allowed to take photographs. (mean!)

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