St Mark’s Basilica, Venice

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St Mark’s Basilica dominates Piazza San Marco. It is an example of Byzantine Gothic architecture with lavish mosaics. The four bronze horses were captured from Constantinople.

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10 thoughts on “St Mark’s Basilica, Venice”

  1. I have never been to Venice, but this monumental architecture with its ornate details, always makes me think of the impression it undoubtedly had on the uneducated, and untravelled populace of the time. It must have literally blown their minds!
    Great shots as always Jude.
    Regards from Norfolk, Pete. x

    1. Thank you Jaspa 🙂 It sounds as if you are going to have an amazing adventure in Europe this summer. I hope we’ll see some great images of you and your friends. Venice is lovely (but take a hat – it gets VERY hot in August)

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