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Ailsa of “Where’s My Backpack?” wants us to show her our most decrepit, worn and torn, antediluvian shots this week. If you would like to join in with her challenge then please do. Everyone is welcome.

avebury 2

One of England’s oldest sites is the Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire. Believed to have been started around 3000 BC it was probably used as a religious and ceremonial centre, but no-one knows by whom. The nice thing about Avebury is that you are allowed to wander freely on the site and get close up to the standing stones.


The main circle covers approximately 28 acres with two smaller circles inside. The henge is also split by the village of Avebury and a road. There is an avenue of stones leading away from the circle towards Overton Hill a mile and a half away, and it has been speculated by some archaeologists that the avenue was constructed to form the body of a snake, with the circle as the snake’s head.

A steep bank and ditch surrounds the circle, together they form a 60 foot barrier.

avebury 4

Just a few miles away is the strange conical mound of Silbury Hill, across the road from West Kennet Long Barrow. In the other direction is Windmill Hill causeway camp, the finest hilltop camp in England.

The Enigma
The Enigma

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27 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Ancient”

    1. A double rainbow in fact! I have better images of the rainbow, but without the stones – it was that sort of day!

  1. Some wonderful things to see right here in England Jude. Despite all my/your travels, it is often close to home where we find the real treasures.
    Regards as always, Pete. x

    1. This was quite a challenge for me as I haven’t got photos from Rome or Athens or Turkey etc. and wanted something very, very old. Thought about Wales and Cornwall, then remembered these shots from Avebury on our way back from Shropshire to Surrey (I got bored of the same old motorways). We have some standing stones in Shropshire too, but I have yet to get myself up there!

    1. There is something spiritual about them isn’t there? It’s the same with the burial stones. There are stones in Cornwall, Cumbria and Wales too and even here in Shropshire – all in remote places. You have to wonder who as well as the how and why.

      The rainbow was a bonus 🙂

  2. Aren’t we strange creatures, with our different belief systems and creations? That second shot looks like they’re having a game of rounders in the middle of the stones (minus bats and balls 🙂 )

    1. I had to have another look – see what you mean, I have no idea what they were up to, probably trying to keep warm!!

  3. Fascinating these ancient stone circles aren’t they? Love your photos they are so atmospheric and capture the surroundings perfectly. The rainbow is a lovely, mysterious touch too. Wonderful xx

    1. Thanks Tina, it’s a rather understated place as most visitors to the UK head for Stonehenge and as that site has had a complete makeover recently I imagine it will attract even more crowds.

    1. I have a better photo of the rainbow, but no stones in it. It does show the manor house and a lovely pub though 🙂


      Thanks for the comment bevchen 🙂

  4. I adore Avebury. I think it’s even more impressive than Stonehenge in many ways. And I can’t wait to see it again in a couple of weeks, when we head across the Atlantic to visit Rich’s family in England!

      1. Just 8 miles from Avebury, actually. Rich’s brother and his family recently moved from Norfolk to Wiltshire.

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