Circumnavigating Grasmere Lake

Whilst in the Lake District last month – time flies – we did a couple of lakeside walks. One, around the pretty picture postcard village of Grasmere is about 3 miles long which is long enough for me, especially as on this day, rain threatened.  The lake is one of the smallest and a full circuit should not take long unless, like me, you stop to take dozens of photographs. The start and end of the walk is on the road, but it is fairly level once you reach the lake shore and there is a lovely lakeside beach at the southern end.

After wandering around the lovely village for half an hour or so, we headed off along Red Bank at the west of the village (near the church) and up hill where stunning homes nestle amongst the woodland filled with vibrant pinks and mauves of rhododendrons. DSCF7167

Where fayries wander

Selma and Siri's Lakeland cousins perhaps?
Selma and Siri’s Lakeland cousins perhaps?

and bright yellow Welsh poppies huddle alongside the hedgerows. In fact I am reminded of Wales here. Though it feels lighter somehow.

One, the wooden Garden House, appealed to me, but I dare say the price is high as well as the terraced garden, but oh, what a view.

DSCF7188The road continued meandering around bends, with no sight of a lake.


Then, a glimpse, through the trees and not long after we found the rough track leading down to the shoreline.

And a lovely house by the side
And a lovely house by the side

The views once we reached the shore were amazing. Lush green fells rearing up all the way around the lake, the village now shrouded in cloud and to the south, just a glimpse of the beach we were heading to.



And neat wooden boardwalks to help us safely over the streams that feed into the lake.

Ripples in the rain
Ripples in the rain
Lakeside Path
Lakeside Path

The path follows the shoreline until you reach the southern end, where you head up slightly into woodland, before coming out onto the beach. This must be a lovely place for a picnic in the summer months. It was, however, a little drizzly today.


But with beautiful reflections in the mirror-like surface


We found more people at this end of the lake (and discovered later that there is a car-park not too far away), some sitting admiring the view, others walking their dogs,  and other fit people climbing up the fell behind us.


DSCF7257Now we had to decide which way to go. There was no obvious sign, so we headed over the wooden bridge and into the woodland. Only to get lost. Later we realised that we should have simply followed the path alongside the river as that led to the road and car-park. It was awfully wet though.

DSCF7261Into the wood

DSCF7264Finally, after doubling back on ourselves a couple of times, we found a way out of the wood and onto the very busy A591 road which leads to Windermere. Fortunately we only had a few metres to walk before hitting the pavement which took us back into Grasmere. Can you spot that lovely house overlooking the lake?


A last view of the lake at the northern end.


If you enjoy a walk, short or long, then you may enjoy visiting Jo’s Monday Walk where you are in for a treat.


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I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

51 thoughts on “Circumnavigating Grasmere Lake”

  1. Simply heavenly, Jude – such glorious photos ! That house !!! – what kind of people are they so blessed as to live there …? What wouldn’t I give to know them ?! Sighh … Thank you as always: your voyagings never fail to bring huge pleasure.

  2. Oh to live on the edge of this lake, what stunning views and what peace and quiet! I do love to see your beautiful photos of the Lake District Jude, makes me feel as if I’ve just taken this delightful lake walk with you. Can you imagine living in such a place and being able to walk around the lake every day? Just heavenly…and of course you know I would move there for the fayries alone 😉 xx

    1. I have to confess, thoughts of living in Keswick crossed my mind as you can easily access the lakeside from the town, and walking in the evening is very peaceful. I suspect there are an awful lot of rainy days though. I really think I should just buy a motorhome and travel around all these wonderful places in the UK, but OH won’t have a bar of it. He’s right – no room for his 8 or is it 9 guitars and we’d probably end up divorced.

      Now, where’s the Motor Trader…?

  3. Love that last pic! Was last in the Lake District 25 yeasr ago but it’s still beautiful. I have a friend who lives in Ulverston who refuses to budge. Sedgefield in the Cape has always reminded me of the English Lake District.

    1. I had to look up Ulverston – looks to be in a really lovely location, on the edge of the Lakes and very near to the coast. I can see why she won’t move. I think Sedgefield has a much prettier coast though 🙂

        1. It made a BIG impression on me. I loved living there, so relaxed and family friendly, great beaches, lovely views, good food. What more does one want in life? Of course it wasn’t all rosy at the time, and possibly less so now. I suppose I am looking for something like that to live out the rest of my days… if only I could find it 🙂

        2. We almost (almost) bought a guest house there about 20 years back. I chickened out because it was too far from ‘civilisation’. What an idiot 🙂 Wish I could find that place too.

    1. A very green location Amy, and when it is not raining it is a lovely region for walking – though I keep to the lakeside now, not hiking up those fells, nice though the views from there would be.

  4. Love that even the cottages have green on them. You have got me counting up all the shades of green it is possible to see in the Lake District!

  5. We’re absolutely thrilled to see the cousins of Siri and Selma, how lovely! That was a most refreshing walk, Jude, thanks a lot! Siri and Selma send lots and lots of fayriedust and tiny-big hugs,
    Dina ❤ 🙂

  6. Dear Jude,
    your trip around lake Grasmere reminded us on our holiday last year in the Lake District. But, oh dear, Siri and Selma are a bit cross that we missed this Faeryland there. Well, next time. We might pass it by going up to the Scottish Highlands in about a fortnight.
    We like your pictures 🙂
    Lots of love
    Siri 🙂 xx and Selma 🙂 xx and Klausbernd 🙂 xx

    1. Oh, the Scottish Highlands are going to look beautiful at the end of August – you will all love it there and I look forward to the photos you will return with. Lots of heather I hope 🙂

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